The Outdoor Elevator by Precision Lift Industries

Durable, Weather-Resistant & Made in the USA

The “Outdoor Elevator” by Precision Lift Industries is the most durable, weather-resistant vertical platform lift on the market. With 95% marine-grade aluminum construction and a 160 MPH wind load rating, this lift was designed to withstand coastal environments.

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Outdoor Elevator by Precision Lift Industries Brochure

Product Features

  • Most durable, weather-resistance vertical platform lift on the market
  • 160 MPH engineered wind load rating
  • Broken cable safeties lock the elevator cab to the guide rails in the unlikely event one of the hoist cables breaks
  • Door interlocks mounted on all swing doors to prevent the doors from being opened when the elevator is not present
  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cab mounted solid gate to contain hands, feet, and cargo inside the elevator. The elevator will not operate unless the gate is closed
  • Unit can meet codes ASME 17.1 or 18.1. When used as ASME 17.1, lift can accomplish lifting to 3 floors. No other VPL can do this
  • Optional emergency battery lowering
  • Made in the USA
  • Safety under pan stops lift if there is an obstruction below

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Standard platform: 32”w x 48”d
  • Runs on standard 110vac power
  • 95% aluminum construction
  • 24 fpm travel speed
  • Soft start/stop PLC controller
  • Constant pressure operation
  • Industrial duty Gearmotor
  • Winding drum drivetrain
  • Type “A” instant safety
  • Meets ASME A18.1 code
  • Plug N’ Play wiring makes installation quick and easy
  • Standard finish: mill finish aluminum
  • Optional finish: Powder Coated in choice of white, gray, tan, or beige

Product Options

  • COLORS: White, Grey, or Almond
  • CABS: Standard, Weather Shield, or Sky Canopy
  • GATE STYLE: Picket or Standard Gate
  • RAMPS: Automatic car-mounted folding ramp or fixed ramp
  • 750 lbs weight capacity option available
  • Commercial option available

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