Straight Stairlifts

101 Mobility offers a variety of straight stairlifts from the industry’s leading manufacturers — each with a range of additional features and add-on options to make it the perfect solution for your unique staircase.

We offer free over-the-phone, virtual, and/or in-home consultations, where one of our expert Mobility Consultants will help you determine which make and model stairlift is best suited for your specific needs.

  • About Straight Stairlifts

    Contrary to popular belief, stairlifts are mounted directly into the stair treads, rather than into the wall beside the staircase. This means that regardless of whether you have an open staircase or railings on both sides, your staircase is still compatible with a stairlift unit.

  • Stairlift Length & Width Requirements

    Stairlifts are available in a range of widths depending on the user’s needs. Most stairlifts require only about 29″ of space, which can be easily accommodated by modern staircases.

    When not in use, the seats, arm rests, and foot rests fold flat against the wall to maximize the usable staircase space.

  • Stairlift Power Source

    Indoor stairlifts from 101 Mobility are battery-powered, but require access to a standard 110v outlet in order to recharge the unit’s battery. In the event of a power outage, a fully-charged stairlift will continue to run until the stored charge is exhausted.

Stairlift Options

  1. Folding Rail / Flip-Up Rail Stairlifts

    There are a variety of different folding rail styles, but each serves the same purpose. Folding rails may be manual or automatic – 101 Mobility’s expert Mobility Consultants will assist you in selecting the best rail style to maximize the utility of your stairlift.

  2. Swivel Seats

    Stairlift seats can swivel to enable transitions at the top of the staircase. Depending on the user’s abilities, you may prefer to add a power swivel seat feature, which will automatically turn the seat rather than requiring the user to do so manually. Our expert Mobility Consultants will speak with you during your free home consultation to determine which seat style is best for your needs.

  3. Design Options

    101 Mobility offers straight indoor stairlifts from a variety of top-quality manufacturers. Each make and model has a different aesthetic, and you may find that you prefer the look and feel of one type.

    Furthermore, indoor stairlifts have different customization options. Depending on the make and model, your stairlift may be available with different seat color and fabric options as well as rail color options. Our Mobility Consultants will address any concerns about stairlift aesthetics to find the best option to enhance your home’s decor.

Let us show you how we can help you regain your independence.

  1. Home consultation typically takes an hour or less
  2. Customized quote to meet your needs
  3. Installed at your convenience