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  • Celebrating Men’s Health Month: Prioritizing Wellness for a Healthier Future Did you know that men over the age of 65 are at a higher risk for health issues such as heart disease, prostate cancer, and diabetes? According to the Centers for Disease Control and ... Learn More
  • Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month: A Time to Learn, Reflect, and Act June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month, a critical time to bring attention to the profound impact that Alzheimer's disease and other dementias have on individuals, families, and ... Learn More
  • Empowering Access to the Arts: Jesse H. Jones Hall Renovation 101 Mobility of Houston Metro is delighted to have contributed significantly to the $50 million renovation of Jesse H. Jones Hall for the Performing Arts in Houston, a project that enhances ... Learn More
  • Breaking the Silence: Nurturing Mental Health Awareness in Today's World In the fabric of our society, there exists an often overlooked thread—one that weaves through the highs and lows of human experience, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This ... Learn More
  • Celebrating Older Americans Month with 101 Mobility: Empowering Independence and Dignity May is a special time at 101 Mobility, as it marks Older Americans Month — a period dedicated to honoring the vitality of older adults and their contributions to our communities. This year, ... Learn More
  • Celebrating Excellence and Legacy: The Inaugural Royce Barnhardt Excellence Award at 101 Mobility We recently had the honor of celebrating a significant milestone at our Annual Conference—an occasion that marked not only the growth and success of 101 Mobility but also the introduction of ... Learn More
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