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  • 10 Ways Mobility Products are Changing Lives Mobility challenges can range from temporary injuries to long-term disabilities, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. These challenges can hinder one's ability to perform daily ... Learn More
  • 5 New Year's Goals to Improve Caregiver Wellbeing As we welcome another New Year, it's the perfect time to reflect on the past and set fresh intentions for the future. For caregivers, the journey can be both rewarding and challenging, often ... Learn More
  • How To Support A Loved One With Mobility Challenges Mobility challenges can transform how a person interacts with the world, often requiring significant adjustments not just for them but for their loved ones as well. At 101 Mobility, we ... Learn More
  • Understanding Strokes and the Promise of Tomorrow: F.A.S.T. Knowledge Saves Lives Every year, on World Stroke Day, it becomes imperative to raise awareness about a condition that many of us believe is distant and unlikely. The truth, however, can be startling: strokes can ... Learn More
  • Staying Active as a Senior with Chronic Pain Aging is an inevitable aspect of life. As the golden years grace, us, our bodies often tell stories of past adventures, sometimes manifesting as chronic pain. Living with persistent ... Learn More
  • Falls Prevention: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer September shines a spotlight on a prevalent issue older adults face – falls. Falls Prevention Awareness Month is a timely reminder for all of us to evaluate the safety of our homes. With ... Learn More
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