Bath Safety Premium Products to Fit Your Needs

Bath Safety Solutions

A Variety of Options for Your Home

With its slippery surfaces and sharp corners, the bathroom is often considered the most dangerous room in the house. Bathroom safety solutions from 101 Mobility helps prevent falls and ensure safety and independence in the bathroom for you and your loved ones.

  • We sell and install the following bath safety products:
  • Transfer bathtubs
  • Grab bars
  • Bath seats and transfer benches
  • Toilet safety frames
  • Bath steps
  • Medical transfer benches
  • Bath safety accessories

Select 101 Mobility locations also offer whole bathroom renovations and door widening services to ensure maximum safety and accessibility.


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Bathroom Safety Modification Options

  • Grab Bars

    Grab bars installed throughout strategic areas in the bathroom offer stability assistance to help prevent slips. 101 Mobility’s experts will help you identify the best areas for grab bar placement and can ensure that your grab bars are properly installed for support you can rely on.

  • Bath Transfer Benches

    Bath transfer benches provide an additional level of safety for individuals who have difficulty stepping into the bathtub or standing for long periods of time. 101 Mobility offers a variety of bath transfer benches, ranging from simple shower chairs to more complex systems that allow the user to sit down outside of the shower and slide effortlessly into the shower. While transfer benches enhance bathroom safety, they should always be used in conjunction with grab bars to ensure that users maintain balance at all times.

    Most bath safety benches and seats are easily transportable and can be stored away when not in use for those who are concerned with bathroom appearances.

  • Walk-In Tubs & Barrier-Free Showers

    Walk-in tub solutions can be installed in place of standard bathtubs or retrofitted into existing tubs. They utilize hinged doors that can be opened to step into the tub with little to no ledge to step over and closed to create a water-tight seal for bathing. Some walk-in tub models also include raised seats to prevent users from having to lower themselves down into the tub and may have jets for additional therapeutic benefits.

    Barrier-free shower modifications modify a bathroom to remove the tub, leaving the shower intact. They may have low ledges (one to two inches high) or smooth surfaces, accessible by wheelchairs and shower transfer chairs.

    Whether you need an easily accessible bathtub for therapeutic benefits or a wheelchair-accessible shower, the experts at 101 Mobility can help you find the best solution to fit your needs and enhance bathroom safety.

  • Toilet Safety Modifications

    For individuals who have trouble bending or standing from a seated position, toilet transfers can be especially dangerous. Toilet safety modifications take the trouble out of toilet transfers with just a few simple adjustments.

    Toilet safety frames attach to existing toilets to provide sturdy armrests. The adjustable frame provides crucial comfort and support during toilet transfers.

    Raised toilet seats may also be attached to existing toilets with only minor modifications. The raised seats reduce the amount of bending required during toilet transfers. They should be used in conjunction with toilet safety frames or professionally-installed grab bars to enhance toilet transfer safety.

  • Additional Bathroom Modifications

    For individuals with additional bathroom safety requirements that lie outside of our standard bathroom safety equipment, we offer a range of bathroom modifications. From door widening to allow wheelchairs through to accessible sinks and overhead patient lifts, our experts can recommend a range of solutions to ensure safety and independence in the bathroom.

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