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Shaftless Elevator

Stiltz Home Elevators

Residential lifts from Stiltz offer a modern, sleek elevator alternative that can be fitted virtually anywhere in a two-story home thanks to their small footprints, drive mechanism, and dual rail technology. This means Stiltz residential elevators have an unrivaled ability to fit into spaces other elevator lifts cannot with minimal building work and disruption. The Stiltz Home Elevator uses a roped drum-braked gear motor drive system contained within the lift itself and hidden from view. Stiltz elevators can be customized to blend in with or enhance your home’s decor.

This kind of elevator system is sometimes known as a "shaftless elevator". This name refers to the fact that these systems have a simpler (and less expensive) design that lacks a shaft in which the lift travels. They are convenient because they require no major modifications to the building or home and are much easier to install than elevators.

Why Choose Shaftless Elevators?

Unlike elevators, shaftless elevators do not need a large shaft to be built into the structure of the building, making them more affordable and in many cases, more aesthetically pleasing. Shaftless elevators are also more convenient because they don’t require as much space as elevators, which can be bulky and difficult to maneuver in confined areas.

This makes them ideal for small, cramped spaces such as in older homes or apartments. They also don't require a power source, making them easier to maintain and operate. Shaftless elevators are also incredibly safe and secure.

They are equipped with multiple safety features, including a locking system which prevents unauthorized use, as well as an emergency stop button. They also come with a seatbelt for added security and comfort.


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