Automotive Wheelchair Carriers & Lifts for Full Accessibility On-the-Go

Give your wheelchair, power scooter, or power chair a lift. Wheelchair lifts for vehicles (a.k.a. wheelchair carriers for vehicles) from 101 Mobility are the key to living an active and independent life. Our selection of lifts includes interior and exterior (tow hitch) solutions.

We Carry a Wide Selection of Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts for Your Car or Other Vehicle Type

Browse by type of vehicle to see models compatible with cars, SUVs, vans, or pickup trucks. We are certain that you will find a lift that meets your mobility needs, budget, and vehicle type to guarantee easy and convenient transport of your device.

Our Inventory includes

  • Wheelchair Lifts for Cars
  • Scooter Lifts for Cars
  • Wheelchair Lifts for SUVs
  • Scooter Lifts for SUVs
  • Wheelchair Lifts for Vans
  • Scooter Lifts for Vans
  • Wheelchair Lifts for Trucks
  • Scooter Lifts for Trucks

About Our Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

  • Promote easy transport of your wheelchair, power chair, or scooter.
  • Mount to your vehicle's hitch or install inside the rear cargo area.
  • Ensure safe transportation of your wheelchair, power scooter, or power chair through automatic locking devices.
  • Backed by the 101 Mobility One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manual or electrical operation.

Are you in need of a safe, trusted, and easy wheelchair carrier solution for transporting your or a loved one’s mobility aid? We have a premium selection of wheelchair carriers for cars that are available and compatible with various vehicle types. Find your nearest 101 Mobility and work with a Mobility Consultant to choose the perfect wheelchair carrier today!

Looking for a wheelchair carrier for your car? We offer wheelchair carriers compatible with a large variety of vehicle types. Contact 101 Mobility at (888) 258-0652 and work with a Mobility Consultant to choose the perfect car wheelchair carrier today!

Can you put a wheelchair carrier onto a car?

Yes! putting a wheelchair carrier onto a car is not only possible but also designed for ease and efficiency with our range of carriers. Each of our wheelchair carriers is equipped with its own unique attachment system, specially crafted to securely fasten to various types of vehicles. These attachment systems are thoughtfully engineered to ensure both stability and ease of use, allowing for the safe transport of wheelchairs without any compromise to the vehicle's functionality or appearance.

The specific attachment method can vary based on the carrier model and your vehicle's specifications. We encourage you to reach out to us, and our experienced team will guide you through the options tailored to your particular needs, making the process of adding a wheelchair carrier to your car both simple and reliable.


  • “Great customer service. I called and got all my questions answered. I was able to send pictures of my stairs and we handled the design and cost estimate by phone. They worked to make everything as convenient for me as possible. They helped ...”

    - Jan S.
  • “Your people, both office people and technicians, are able and caring. It is a pleasure to do business with you.”

    - Janet N.
  • “The scooter I rented for my stepfather was perfect in every way - clean, well maintained and easy to use. He was very pleased. I felt the rental price was affordable and the rental process quick and efficient. The staff at 101 Mobility were ...”

    - Cheryl B.

Let us show you how we can help you regain your independence.

  1. Home consultation typically takes an hour or less
  2. Customized quote to meet your needs
  3. Installed at your convenience