Mobility Stairlifts in your Home

In-Home Stairlifts Provide Easy Access to your Entire Home

As we age and progress through life, in-home obstacles like stairs become a daily challenge. The team at 101 Mobility is happy to provide at-home accessibility and mobility solutions. Stairlifts provide a simple solution to ensure safety and independence throughout your home.

What to expect when you call 101 Mobility:

  • Our FREE home consultation takes an hour or less.
  • Customized quote to meet your mobility and accessibility needs.
  • Stairlifts and other mobility solutions will be installed at your convenience.

Trusted and Reliable Stairlifts for the Disabled and Seniors

Looking for the Best Stairlift Solution for Yourself, a Loved One or Business?

Making your home or business fully accessible with one of our stairlifts (also known as “stair chair lifts”), is easy. We carry only the top brands in the industry to guarantee a smooth and effortless experience while ascending or descending stairs. Our range of wheelchair lifts for both indoor and outdoor use can be tailored specifically to fit any staircase shape; allowing you to access all areas without difficulty.

Additionally we offer multiple options depending on personal preference such as manual operation or powered lift models so that you have complete control over how easily you move up and down your steps at any point in time – no matter which way they go!

Stair Lift Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Choose 101 Mobility?

    We’re local and here to help. From the initial call through your free consultation, installation, and beyond, you’ll get to know our team. We treat every customer like family, and we’ll be here any time you have questions.
  • What is the Best Stairlift for My Home?

    Call us and we’ll schedule a free consultation and talk with you about your specific needs. We will help determine what lift is right for you, take measurements, and install for you!

    Straight Rail: A straight rail stairlift is ideal for traditional straight staircases.

    Curved Rail: Depending on the curve and configuration of your staircase, you may require a custom-curved stairlift or two straight stairlifts. Our skilled technicians can design the perfect solution for your unique staircase.

    Outdoor: Outdoor stairlifts are ideal for getting users up straight or curved stairways to access landings entryways, porches, and decks outside the home.

    Incline Platform Lift for Stairs: Take the stairs without leaving your wheelchair! Incline lifts feature a wheelchair-friendly platform that conveniently travels up and down your staircase.

  • Why Should I Choose a Chair Lift for Stairs?

    Having a chair lift for stairs in your home can be incredibly beneficial. Not only can it provide a safe and secure way to get up and down the stairs, but it can also help to maintain independence for those that may have difficulty navigating the stairs on their own.

    A chair lift can help to reduce the risk of falls and injuries that could occur if someone were to try to go up and down the stairs without assistance. The lift can provide a secure and comfortable way to move between the two levels of the home, allowing for greater mobility and independence.

    Finally, a chair lift for stairs can be a great way to add convenience and comfort to the home. The lift can be used to quickly and easily transport items, such as groceries and laundry, between the two levels of the home. This can help to save time and energy, while still providing a safe and secure way to move between levels.

  • How Do Stairlifts Attach to the Stairway?

    Stairlifts are attached directly to the tread of your staircase. Our skilled service technicians can install your stairlift on numerous staircase surfaces such as carpet, hardwoods, concrete, and even tile or marble with special consideration and hardware.

  • How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

    A professionally installed stairlift can cost about $3,500 – $6,000 – that’s equivalent to the cost of just one month at an assisted living facility. The cost may vary depending on the brand and specific features needed. For example, some custom curve rail configurations can start at $15,000. If you need help paying for your stairlift, there are grants and organizations that can offer assistance if you qualify.

    Have more questions about the cost of a stair lift? Read our in-depth blog: "Stair Lift Cost: A Complete Guide For Consumers"! If you have any other questions about Stairlifts, reach out to our mobility and accessibility experts.

  • Does 101 Mobility Offer Stairlift Rentals?

    Absolutely! We realize that your mobility needs may only be temporary. That’s why we offer a comprehensive straight stairlift rental program.

Let us show you how we can help you regain your independence.

  1. Home consultation typically takes an hour or less
  2. Customized quote to meet your needs
  3. Installed at your convenience