Power Chairs

Navigate Indoor & Outdoor Areas with Ease

Power chairs are motorized variations of standard manual wheelchairs. Motorized wheelchairs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in a variety of styles with varying features to suit different needs.

They are operated using a single joystick located in the chair’s armrest, making them easily maneuverable and ideal for those with limited dexterity and manual strength. Some power wheelchairs can even be modified to be operated by mouth or other body parts for individuals who lack full use of hands and arms.

About Power Wheelchairs

Understanding How Electric Wheelchairs Work and the Key Benefits

With a power chair from 101 Mobility, you’ll have the freedom to get around and do the things you want to do with safety and convenience. Lightweight, durable, and strong, our easy-to-use power chairs are simple to operate and offer reliable mobility.

While a power wheelchair and a mobility scooter may seem similar at first glance, they have major differences in utility and function. Scooters are steered using a tiller and levers, similar to a bicycle, whereas power chairs are operated using a single joystick located in the chair’s armrest. Some power chairs can even be modified to be operated by mouth or other body parts for individuals who lack full use of hands and arms.

Because power chairs do not have handlebars protruding in front of them, they allow users access to more areas such as counters, sinks, and tables. While scooters are typically purchased by individuals for part-time mobility assistance, power chairs are usually used for full-time mobility assistance and may even be prescribed by physicians.

  • Offering the Following Power Chairs for Sale:

  • Action TrackChair
  • Drive Medical Trident Power Chair
  • Pride – Jazzy Elite ES Series
  • Pride – Jazzy Elite Series
  • Golden – Compass Series


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How to Choose a Power Chair

  • Will the power chair need to be transported in an automobile?

    Auto lifts are devices that attach to the interior or exterior of a vehicle to easily transport a mobility device. However, some power wheelchairs are lightweight (under 100 pounds) and can be easily disassembled without tools for easy transportation, often eliminating the need for an auto lift.

  • Will the chair be primarily used indoors or outdoors?

    Heavy-duty power wheelchairs have large motors, frames, and wheels, making them perfect for use outdoors on uneven terrain. While their longer frames enable additional torque to manage some inclines, they increase the chairs’ turning radius, making them harder to maneuver indoors and in tight spaces.

    Powerbase wheelchairs have a low center of gravity for a smooth ride. They have a tight turning radius, making them excellent options for indoor use, and can be modified with suspension packages for outdoor use. Light power chairs have small bases, perfect for maneuvering tight indoor spaces, but are not as well-suited for use on uneven terrain outdoors.

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