Vertical Platform Lifts – What Are They? How Much Do They Cost?

What is a vertical platform lift?

Vertical platform lifts are porch lifts, accessibility lifts, wheelchair elevators, or wheelchair lifts. These lifts help people access their deck, porch, or door from their garage steps. In addition, they give you access to elevated areas in business and commercial buildings.

Do you have an area in your home or business where the space is small and the

vertical distance is more than a few feet? Then, vertical platform lifts are your solution!

Who may need a lift?

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Vertical platform lifts are for anyone that has difficulty using stairs. While these lifts are designed to transport users in wheelchairs, some of the families we serve may use a vertical platform lift when recovering from an injury. Drive your wheelchair on the lift platform, push a button, and you can get where you want to go. At 101 Mobility, our goal is to provide you with the best solution to help you continue to live independently and comfortably in your home and community. We even see people purchase a vertical platform lift for their aging and beloved dog or cat!

How much is a vertical platform lift and what are my options?

101 Mobility offers a variety of vertical platform lifts manufactured by the best vendors in the industry.

Vertical platform lifts can be open, have a manufacturer-built enclosure in metal, or with metal and acrylic aesthetically pleasing panels. A lift can be installed inside your home or a commercial facility, but the most common installation sites are exterior porches or inside a garage.

Options for a vertical platform lift

Vertical platform lifts offer a variety of optional features including, landing gates, custom painting of the unit, keyed call/send remotes, automatic doors, and telephones.

Most vertical platform lifts have a weight capacity of 350 pounds to 750 pounds. Don't forget to include the weight of the wheelchair when evaluating your options.

Safety features for a vertical platform lift

Most VPLs have batteries to ensure that they continue to run for some time in a power failure. They also have auto-stop sensors beneath the platforms, stopping the unit from running if an obstruction is detected. Once the obstruction is removed, the unit will resume normal function. While riding a VPL, users are surrounded by protective 42" platform walls and can opt for a platform gate if the standard barrier ramp seems inadequate. We also install locking safety gates on the upper landing that only unlock when the lift has safely stopped at that landing.

Vertical Platform Lift Cost

Vertical platform lift costs can vary greatly. Residential Vertical Platform Lift prices vary by manufacturer, location, height, and customizations. In general, they range in price from $10,000 - $25,000. Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts may cost $18,000 - $75,000 or a high-end or customized vertical lift.

For a customized no-obligation estimate, contact 101 Mobility today. We will work with you to determine the best location, application, and options for you and your home.

What affects the cost of a Vertical Platform Lift?

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The location of the Vertical Platform lift is a crucial part of the no-obligation estimate we provide you.


Our smallest Vertical Platform lift travels 2 to 5 feet and is lower in cost than medium and tall Vertical Platform Lifts. Medium height Vertical Platform Lifts travel 5 to 10 feet while tall platform lifts travel 10 to 14 feet.

Types of Vertical Platform Lifts

There are three types of platform lifts: unenclosed, shaft way, and enclosed. When we are at your home, we will determine which lift will accomplish your goal for accessibility in your home.

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Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lifts are the most common because of their value; however, in some states, unenclosed lifts are prohibited in commercial settings.

Shaft Way Vertical Platform Lifts

Shaft way/Hoist way VPLs are installed inside an enclosed area such as an elevator shaft.

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Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

Enclosed VPLs are typically installed outdoors and be open at the top or fitted with a weather protective roof. Therefore, they do not require shaft construction.

Next Steps

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