About 101 Mobility

We Act as a Beacon of Freedom, Independence & Hope

101 Mobility was founded in 2008 with the goal of delivering mobility and accessibility solutions to an underserved yet growing market of people with limited physical mobility.

What started as a small North Carolina-based company is now an internationally-trusted resource for families and businesses who want to improve accessibility. Where there are restrictions, limitations, challenges, and frustrations, your local 101 Mobility team expertly designs and installs solutions.

The true power of the 101 Mobility brand is our people – the experts, the problem-solvers, the trusted allies that work hard every day to deliver the best solutions and value to clients. We do it with sensitivity, caring, and responsiveness – it’s our mission to stand by our customers and be there whenever they need us. That is how we change lives for the better.

Our Experts Are Dedicated to Helping You

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Our Core Values

At 101 Mobility, we have a strict set of values that we hold at the core of every customer interaction. Our values are:

  • Operate With Integrity: We define integrity as doing what’s right, even when no one is watching. That includes treating each of our customers with fairness and respect.
  • Customer Care: Whether it’s before, during, or after installation, our clients’ well-being is important to us. After all, your mobility solution is the most important mobility solution.
  • Exceed Expectations: Customer satisfaction doesn’t cut it for us. If you aren’t delighted in 101 Mobility’s service, we haven’t done our job.
  • Be Available: If you have a need, we're here to help. We'll always answer the phone when you call us or get back to you ASAP if you leave us a message.
  • Be Passionate: We care about the customers we help and the lives we touch. To us, it's more than business - it's a way of life.

National Accounts & Strategic Partnerships

For organizations requiring accessibility solutions in multiple locations, our Strategic Partnerships Program acts as a singular point of reference for all your needs.

  • Benefits of our program include:
  • Consistency: You can expect the same high quality from both our products and expertly-trained technicians — no matter the location.
  • Local Partner: All 101 Mobility locations are locally owned and operated while being backed by a national organization.
  • Customization: We’ll work with you to determine your customers’ needs and tailor a solution accordingly.

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