Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts for wheelchairs and power chairs provide access to raised porches, decks, and other elevated areas for residential and commercial applications.

These elevator-like mobility solutions provide seamless transportation vertically to raised surfaces, such as porches and decks. They offer an excellent alternative to ramps when space is limited or vertical distance is greater than a few feet.

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About Vertical Platform Lifts

Residential Vertical Platform lifts are elevator-like mobility solutions which can transport a wheelchair, power chair, power scooter, or other mobility device vertically between levels. They are available in a range of lifting heights, from a few inches to 14 feet.

101 Mobility offers vertical platform lifts (VPLs) for indoor or outdoor applications. Depending on the application, you may choose different features for your VPL to ensure compatibility and longevity in the desired area.

Indoor vertical platform lifts are typically installed inside a garage or home to enable user’s access to a raised platform where there is not sufficient space for a ramp. Outdoor vertical platform lifts work great as porch lifts.


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Additional Options & Features

  • Platform Size & Configuration

    Vertical platform lifts are available with a range of features and options. Depending on the layout of the area of the porch or deck where the lift will be used, you may need a platform lift with a single entrance/exit, two openings at a 90 degree angle, or straight pass-through doorways.

    During your free consultation, 101 Mobility’s Mobility Consultant will assess the configuration as well as the size of any users and their mobility devices to determine the best platform size. Some mobility devices have larger turning radii than others, and may also impact the size and layout of your vertical wheelchair lift.
  • Weight Capacity

    Different makes and models of vertical platform lifts have different weight capacities, typically ranging from about 500 – 750 lbs. It is important to consider how you will be using your platform lift when selecting a unit. For instance, even if the combined weight of the primary user and his wheelchair is only 550 pounds, if the user will typically be carrying heavy groceries or luggage, a platform lift with a higher lifting capacity would be ideal.

  • Safety Features

    VPLs have standard backup batteries to ensure that they continue to run for a period of time in the event of a power failure. They also have auto-stop sensors beneath the platforms, which stop the unit from running if an obstruction is detected beneath the platform. Once the obstruction is removed, the unit will resume normal function.

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