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Wheelchair lifts are a vital necessity for ensuring accessibility in homes. They offer an effective alternative to traditional indoor elevators or ramps, especially in areas where these may not be the best fit due to space restrictions.

Whether you’re looking for a vertical platform lift for your porch or a wheelchair stair lift, 101 Mobility will find you the best handicap lift for your home. Platform lifts provide a safe and secure entryway alternative to scooter and wheelchair users. 101 Mobility has a wide variety of platforms lifts dedicated to both residential and commercial accessibility. Contact our mobility and accessibility experts today to learn which our wheelchair lifts are right for you.

Residential Lift Platforms

Residential Platform lifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Many are purpose-built for indoor or outdoor use and have features specific to the needs of the home or venue. Our home handicap lifts can be categorized in different ways: VPLs (vertical platform lifts), also called “porch lifts”, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and act more as an open elevator. Inclined Platform lifts, as the name suggests, are similar to stairlifts with wheelchair platforms rather than stand-alone seats.

These lift platforms play a crucial role in making homes more accessible. They enable individuals using wheelchairs or power scooters to access their homes, eliminating the challenge of stairs easily. This not only boosts the independence of wheelchair users but also offers their family members peace of mind. Knowing that safe, reliable, and easy-to-use lift platforms are in place, families can feel assured that their loved ones have the means to move around their homes freely and securely.

In essence, lift platforms are not just about overcoming physical barriers but about fostering independence and ensuring safety, making them an essential addition to any home requiring enhanced accessibility.


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How to Choose a Home Handicap Lift

Purchasing a wheelchair lift for your home can be a life-changing choice – but the decisions don’t stop there. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best handicap platform lift for your home.

  • Vertical Platform Lift vs Inclined Platform Lift

    Both types of lifts are ideal for transporting wheelchair users. A vertical platform lift travels vertically to a deck, porch, or other ledge, while an inclined platform lift is specifically engineered to follow the pathway of an existing staircase. This lift type is perfect for environments where preserving the existing stairway structure is essential and where space constraints prevent vertical lift installation. Both platform lifts offer practical ways to improve accessibility, each catering to different spatial and structural requirements while ensuring smooth and safe transportation for wheelchair users.

  • After-Sales Support for Platform Lifts

    The journey doesn't end once your platform lift is seamlessly integrated into your home. Ensuring that you have reliable support for any potential issues that might arise after installation is crucial. At 101 Mobility, we understand the importance of dependable after-sales service. That's why all our platform lifts come with our One-year Limited Service Warranty, offering you peace of mind. This is in addition to the individual warranties provided by each brand, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your lift. Our commitment to your satisfaction and mobility extends well beyond the installation, ensuring your platform lift remains a reliable and functional part of your home.

  • Renting vs. Buying a Wheelchair Lift

    Whether to rent or buy a vertical platform lift* depends on your budget and needs. For example, renting might be your best option if you expect to use your lift for only a short period. In contrast, if you're looking at long-term or permanent use for improved accessibility in your home or business, investing in a new wheelchair lift might be more practical and economical in the long run. Regardless of your specific needs and duration of use, 101 Mobility offers a diverse range of wheelchair lift options to accommodate most budgets and preferences, ensuring you find the ideal solution for your mobility needs.

*Rental options only available for some vertical platform lift models.

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