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Harmar's Pinnacle Stair Lift line includes three sub-models to ensure each family gets the best stair lift for their needs. All Harmar Pinnacles are designed to give you peace of mind - the patented helical worm drive provides a smooth ride without ever needing messy grease. The Pinnacle stair lifts are the most energy efficient on the market, so you can be confident knowing that your lift will provide up to forty trips during a power outage.

The Pinnacle SL300 is an economic stair lift that meets the needs of most individuals. The available folding rail option means riders up to 300 pounds can comfortably ride up while the rail automatically stores out of the way at the bottom of the stairs. Once you have arrived at the top, rotate the seat 90 degrees so you can confidently exit away from the stairs.

The Pinnacle SL600 includes all of the trusted features of the SL300 and many more. This premium Pinnacle stair lift includes a 350-pound weight capacity, limited lifetime warranty, adjustable seat height, and advanced diagnostics that keep your Pinnacle on the move so you can too.

Harmar’s Pinnacle SL600HD boasts an industry-leading weight capacity, so anyone under 600 pounds can navigate their stairs confidently. The SL600HD’s large plush seat provides a comfortable ride powered by reliable batteries that ensure operation during a power outage.

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Product Features

  • Armrest rocker switch for easy operation
  • Two wireless remotes for remote control
  • Offset swivel seat for easy boarding and exiting on the top landing
  • Clear anodized aluminum rail for sleek appearance
  • Charge strips above and below the hinge for continuous charge
  • Manual flip-up arms, seat, and footrest for extra space on steps
  • Sensors for obstruction detection
  • Seat belt
  • Battery operated system for extended use during a power outage
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to Harmar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Weight capacity:
    • SL300: 300lbs
      SL600: 350 lbs
      SL600HD: 600 lbs
  • Seat pad size:
    • SL300:19" x 16"
      SL600: 19" x 16"
      SL600HD: 18.5" x 14"
  • Folded width:
    • SL300:11" from wall/13.6" with folding rail
      SL600: 10.5" from wall/13.6" from folding rail
      SL600HD: 17" from wall
  • Incline limits:
    • SL300: 27 degrees - 52 degrees
      SL600: 27 degrees - 52 degrees
      SL600HD: 27 degrees - 48 degrees
  • Maximum speed:
    • SL300: 20 FPM
      SL600: 20 FPM
      SL600HD: 14 FPM
  • Maximum travel distance:
    • SL300:15'6" to 36'
      SL600: 15'6" to 70'
      SL600HD: 15'6" to 40'
  • Drive system: Patented nylon polymer gear rack
    • Helical worm gear
  • Power source: 24V DC battery

Product Options

  • Power folding rail — Rail folds upward automatically while stairlift moves to create space in a doorway or narrow hallway

Check out the Harmar Pinnacle Heavy Duty Stairlift for a larger weight capacity.

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