Liftkar PT-A

Effortlessly Ascend & Descend Stairs Safely

The solution for using your quick release wheelchair is the LIFTKAR PT-A. The PT-A is a battery-powered, attendant-operated stair climber. The attendant needs only to guide the device while the LIFTKAR’s patented lifting mechanism effortlessly climbs up and down indoor and outdoor stairs, whether they are carpeted, tile, or wood! Once the destination has been reached, reattach the wheels to the wheelchair and move around freely. There is no need to remove the LIFTKAR – it stays attached! Just raise the lifting unit and the wheelchair can be used normally!

The LIFTKAR PT-A can be easily disassembled into three parts that can be placed in any vehicle. Making it perfect to take on a visit to friends and family! The electric battery-powered unit is equipped with 3-speed settings and is capable of handling 300-500 steps before requiring a re-charge.

All purchases and rentals come with attendant training to ensure that the attendant is completely comfortable navigating the easy-to-learn device.

Product Features

  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s one-year limited service warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Automatic Braking System – the wear-free braking system reliably stops the unit on the edge of the step
  • Intuitive Operation – power, speed, and mode buttons can all be easily adjusted while operating the unit
  • Suitable for use on nearly any staircase, indoor or outdoor, regardless of step material
  • Lightweight and Portable – the unit is lightweight and easily disassembles into three pieces so you can take it with you wherever you go
  • Suitable for Slopes and Ramps – the automatic braking system gradually engages when the unit is tilted back, so it is easy to use on ramps and hills
  • Compatible with nearly any quick-release manual wheelchair
  • Narrow unit is ideal for narrow staircases and tight spaces
  • Non-Marking Tires – the grey tires will not mark or smudge your floor or staircase
  • Ergonomic Design – the operator handle is suitable for left-handed or right-handed individuals, and the stable base prevents any strain to the operator

Technical Specifications

  • Unit Weight: 54.34 lbs
  • Heaviest piece when disassembled: 33.44 lbs (climbing unit)
  • Weight Capacity: 352 lbs (including user and wheelchair)
  • Total Height: 44.49 in.
  • Climbing Speed (adjustable)
  • I = 10 steps per minute
  • Range Per Charge: 300 – 500 steps
  • II = 14 steps per minute
  • Maximum Step Height: 8.25 in.
  • III = 18 steps per minute
  • Battery Pack Voltage: 24 VDC

Let us show you how we can help you regain your independence.

  1. Home consultation typically takes an hour or less
  2. Customized quote to meet your needs
  3. Installed at your convenience