How to Buy a Stairlift: 6 Things You Should Consider

Reading a stairlift review and thinking that it is the right choice for yourself or your elderly loved one may seem like a viable solution, but purchasing a stairlift is not just like buying any old appliance.

There are so many aspects of a stairlift that should be considered when trying to make this decision, so much so that things can easily become confusing.

To help make things a bit easier, here are six things that should be considered before buying a stairlift.

1. Is A Stairlift the Right Solution for You?

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that investing in a stairlift is the right choice. Stairlifts are best for individuals with limited mobility or those who struggle to safely walk up and down stairs. If your loved one or yourself falls into this category, a stairlift could make moving around the house a lot easier.

Many times, a stairlift in the home can be the thing that helps individuals regain independence and ensures they age comfortably in place. Talking with your doctor, occupational therapist, or physical therapist can be a good first step in determining if a stairlift may be right for you and your future at home.

2. What Type of Stairlift Do You Need?

With so many makes and models of stairlifts on the market, how do you know which is the best option for your needs? When researching stairlifts, you should consider:

Do You Need an Outdoor or Indoor Stairlift?

If you are looking for a way to help yourself up a set of stairs outside, an outdoor stairlift will be needed. These essentially work the same way but are designed to withstand outdoor elements like rain, snow, and sun.

Do You Need a Straight or Curved Stairlift?

Depending on your stairs, you may need a straight or curved stairlift:

  • Straight Stairlifts – Straight stairlifts are as simple as they get. They can be applied to virtually any length staircase and are perfect for going up one floor.
  • Curved Stairlifts – If your home has a curved staircase, the staircase changes directions, your staircase has a landing in the middle, or you have a staircase that runs through multiple floors, having a custom curved stairlift installed is the best option.

Answering these questions are great ways to wade through the options and get closer to what model may be best for your home.

3. How Much is a Stairlift Going to Cost?

A straight stairlift can cost upwards of $5,000, while a custom curved of the same model can cost upwards of $10,000. While this is a lot, it’s worth noting the similar price range to just one month in an assisted living facility. The investment of a professionally installed staircase is well worth it and continues to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional nursing homes.

By working with a team of professionals, you can ensure you receive competitive pricing from the manufacturer, ensure a competitive price for installation without sacrificing quality, receive additional information if financial assistance is needed, and on top of all that, a professional warranty that will help you protect your investment.

4. How Are You Going to Pay for the Stairlift?

Another thing to consider in the stairlift purchasing process is how you’re planning on covering these costs. While you may think that your health insurance is the way to go, you may be surprised to find out that it may not help –

How Much Does Insurance Cover for Stairlift Cost?

Unfortunately, not all standard insurance policies, Medicare included, cover buying or installing a stairlift even if medically advised to do so. While this may be discouraging to hear, additional financing and assistance may still be available, including:

  • Veteran benefits
  • State-based programs
  • Nonprofits
  • Grants

5. Do Stairlifts Come with Any Warranties?

With such a large price tag, you’ll probably have already found yourself wondering about what happens if something goes wrong after installation. What happens if it gets stuck halfway or decides to break down?

Pretty much every stairlift comes with a lifetime warranty or a coverage plan on critical parts, including motors, gearboxes, and rail problems. Additionally, the company that installs your stairlift will likely provide you with a service warranty.

At 101 Mobility, we provide each customer with a service warranty plan for one year after installation.

6. Who Will Install My Stairlift?

Once you’ve decided that a stairlift is the best choice for your home and you’re ready to purchase, you’ll want to hold off until you know exactly how you’re planning to install it. Proper installation is needed to ensure that it’s as safe and comfortable as possible for the individual using it.

Will My Staircase Need to Be Modified for Installation of a Stairlift?

No, your staircase will not need to be modified during installation. Instead, the stairlift will be modified to fit your staircase to provide the best fit possible.

Does It Matter If I Rent or Own My Home?

It doesn’t really matter if you rent or own your home for a stairlift installation. When removed, the stairlift only leaves a minimal footprint, which can be easily patched up once it’s time to move.

The only downside of installing a stairlift in a rental is having to have the stairlift reinstalled and refitted in your new home, which will be an additional cost.

Can I Install My Stairlift on My Own?

While you might consider installing a straight stairlift on your own because it seems significantly less expensive and easier than a curved stairlift, it is important to have a stairlift technician professionally install either kind because of the dangers associated with it installing any electrical equipment in the home.

Looking For More Information on Buying a Stairlift?

It’s important to be fully informed when researching and purchasing a stairlift. Through proper research and professional installation, you can easily find the right stairlift that reduces your pain and improves mobility.

Be sure to check out our other helpful information regarding the purchase and installation of a stairlift:

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