101 Mobility of Atlanta Receives Recognition During 2021 OBIE Awards

Since 1980, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association's Sales and Marketing Council has been putting on the OBIE awards to celebrate outstanding achievements in homebuilding. There are over 100 categories, ranging from remodeling to marketing and more.

In November, 101 Mobility of Atlanta's owner Garol Orr and the rest of an incredible "Dream Team" took home an award for their work for a recent project that included inspiring feats of collaboration, dedication, and care.

Orr Blog photo

Left to Right: Garol Orr - 101 Mobility, Jane Norman - Case Manager, Tracy Perez - client, Travis Camerio- Builder and his wife Heather Camerio, Peggy Freedman - Occupational Therapist Consultant, Mrs. Camerio (Travis's Mom)

The project was submitted to the OBIE Awards by Travis Camerio, lead builder of the project and won two residential remodeling awards at the ceremony on October 23rd, 2021:

  • Gold Award: Best Basement Over $75,000
  • Gold Award: Best Specialty Room/Addition (Sensory room)

It's with great honor that we can also share that Camerio won another two awards, this time at a national level during the Best in American Living Awards, just last month!

Juan & Tracey's Story

This project was important to our team – once we heard about Juan's story, we were all in.

While it's tragic and unfortunate, Juan Perez's story is one of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. During a business trip in Amsterdam in 2017, in a taxi on the way to the airport, a tram derailed and hit the taxi, Juan's side to be specific. The accident left him with a fractured shoulder, several internal injuries, and traumatic brain injury.

With Tracy, his wife of more than 30 years, Tracy Perez, right by his side, Juan stayed overseas for around six weeks. After that, he returned to the states, where he stayed in a couple of rehabilitation centers for additional help. Tracy wanted Juan to be able to lead a normal life, so a plan was eventually arranged to move Juan back home and ensure he received proper care.

The Dream Team Was Born

Jane Norman, a nurse case manager for over 30 years, was the first team member brought on by Tracy. She reviewed Juan's story and needs and wanted to design the perfect facility in the basement to meet Tracy and Juan's needs.

Jane Norman brought on Peggy Freedman, an Occupational Therapist and owner of The Freedman Group, a leader in delivering accurate assessment for effective rehabilitation, for help determining what modifications needed to be made for Juan's progress and safety.

At the same time, Jane also reached out to 101 Mobility, a longtime partner on several projects that needed accessibility solutions. Modifying a home like this was a large project to undertake and it didn't only need the right people, it needed the right people for Juan's needs. Jane was confident in the team she was building – and for good reason.

Once Garol Orr, 101 Mobility of Atlanta's owner, was brought on, she recommended the Camerio Builders to help bring the project to life – a partnership that was developed years ago and spanned several large-scale projects across Georgia.

This team, along with Tracy, met several times throughout the development and implementation of the modifications, each relying on their own areas of expertise. Each member had input throughout the process to ensure Juan's comfort and safety and encouraged open discussions among one another. Each room was given an incredible amount of thought in detail by our team of professionals.

The Home

A few months before the accident, Juan and his Wife had finished construction on their dream home – what they described as their "forever home." This Dawsonville home was going to be renovated to meet the couple's needs.

Still, after a few preliminary draw-ups, Tracy decided that the "out of the way" location was too far for Juan's nursing staff and the hospital and simply would not work. The decision was hard to make, but the home was sold in the end.

The new Perez home was bought in Suwanee, a far more convenient and more accessible location. Once the project got approved by the insurance carrier, the team got to work –

What Does the Home Include?

We finished off 2500 square feet of living area in the basement to include two living rooms, one master bedroom, one master bathroom, one nurse's bathroom, kitchen, laundry and locker room, and a sensory room!

With Camerio's help, along with the rest of the dream team, 101 Mobility was able to participate in the proper installation of many accessibility features for Juan, Tracy, and their incredible team of nurses, some of which included:

  • Overhead track system
  • Elevator access to the main floor
  • Bed with positioning and rails
  • Backout motorized blinds
  • Built-in furniture
  • Well-lit widened sidewalk around the whole home to the street
  • 3-person roll-in shower
  • Custom handheld showerheads
  • Roll under vanity
  • Touchless faucets
  • Infrared sauna
  • Grab bars throughout
  • Induction stovetops
  • Staff bathroom and lockers
  • Sensory room
  • Removable gates around staircases
Equipped Bathroom

All rooms in the basement are accessible with necessary turning radiuses throughout. Each room contains additional storage areas for medical supplies, a surround sound system, video surveillance system, intercom system, and smart TVs.

Our team created and constructed a custom home and rehabilitation facility inside a home for Juan's needs and Tracy's peace of mind. You can read Juan, Tracy, and the Dream Team's full story for free in Atlanta's Building News publication.