“Hoyer Lifts” and Portable Patient Lifts – What’s the Difference?

You may have heard the term “Hoyer Lift” before, but you probably haven’t heard of a “patient lift“. That’s because a “Hoyer Lift” is a type of patient lift, and is a well-known brand name.

Just like ThermosChapStick, and Band-Aid, the term is on its way to becoming a generic trademark. This is what happens when a trademark that starts as a brand name becomes so well-known that the brand name eventually becomes descriptive of the product or service as a whole. Just as we commonly refer to adhesive bandages from any manufacturer as “Band-Aids”, the term actually began as a trademark to describe a line of adhesive bandages made by Johnson & Johnson.

A patient lift is a type of assistive device that is used by a caregiver to facilitate safe patient transfers. They may be portable/freestanding lifts or overhead/ceiling lifts. They are often used to transfer individuals who are unable to stand or bear their full weight between a bed and a chair or other similar resting place.

In addition to the Hoyer brand, some other well-known and reliable manufacturers of patient lifts are Liko, Human Care, and Handicare.

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