101 Mobility Owner Surprises Local Man With Donation

101 Mobility® of Rochester owner surprised a local man with the gift of a new mobility scooter on Thursday, February 22, 2018.

Miguel MillanMiguel Millan, Owner of 101 Mobility® in Rochester, NY

Rochester news station, WHAM, recently aired a story about Jimmy Fillippello, a local man who had been victim of a tragic scam. Fillippello’s home aide had arranged a benefit page on the popular site, GoFundMe.com, to accept donations that would help him purchase a much-needed scooter. In a shocking turn of events, the aide allegedly stole the money that had been raised, leaving Fillippello without assistance.

A seven-year old boy saw the story air on the local news, and asked his dad if they could “help this guy”. Fortunately, the boy’s father is Miguel Millan, owner of 101 Mobility® in Rochester, a local provider of mobility equipment including ramps, stair lifts, and – you guessed it – mobility scooters.

Millan sprung into action, contacting the news team at WHAM to coordinate the donation. They worked with the local police department to find a time when Fillippello would be at home, and surprised him with a brand new scooter the following day.

“My name is Miguel, and I saw your story last night on the news. This is your new scooter,” Millan told a surprised Fillippello. Working in the business that helps people get around, Millan always appreciates the opportunity to help someone in need.

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