Spread Christmas Cheer by Renting a Wheelchair Ramp This Year!

101 Mobility® knows that hosting is stressful, but we want to make sure you’ve got everything covered. If you’re concerned about accommodating all of your guests, a wheelchair ramp rental is a simple solution for your holiday worries!

Wheelchair ramps can be used by everyone, and can prevent accidental trips and falls from all. You’re not only making your home universally accessible, but more safe and secure for all of your guests. Bravo, you! Cheers to the best host(ess) of the year!

Know your options! Explore different types of wheelchair ramps below:

Modular Wheelchair Ramps are custom-configured and designed to offer superior stability. ADA compliant models call for an inch of height with every 12 inches of ramp length.  Modular ramps normally offer smooth and continuous handrails to guide users up and down the surface.

Light wheelchair ramps are ideal for thresholds and small crossovers. Light ramps are often used for doorway access. Although smaller and lighter than a modular wheelchair ramp, light ramps are just as durable and also offer continuous handrails.

Traveling to a lot of houses this holiday season? A folding wheelchair ramp may be just the assistant you need. Folding ramps are unique because they offer accessibility but can be folded and carried to wherever mobility assistance is needed.

Expert advice: when choosing your wheelchair ramp rental, be sure to find a company with factory trained professionals able to measure and custom-build your wheelchair ramp to your home’s specifications. 101 Mobility® is a trusted source, and you can find one near you by clicking here.

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Happy holidays from all of us at 101 Mobility®!