Most Practical and Comfortable Gift Ever

When you have a lift chair, you have comfort. And don’t take that lightly–when I say comfort, I mean the place where happiness, contentment, and delight align. Birds are chirping and bunnies are hopping. A lift chair helps you stand up, sit down, recline, relax, and forget even the tiniest speck of stress.

Because it’s like sitting on a cloud. This is the chair that Goldilocks has been hunting for. Not too hard, soft, big, or small—just right. Something that conforms to your exact body frame and offers just the right amount of cushion. You didn’t choose this lift chair… it chose you.

It features a lush TV position.lift chair has a big button that says “TV” on it. Press it, and you are automatically reclined into the most divine viewing position of your life: your feet are up, your back is stretched, and your neck is cradled in a headrest made of what you think can only be several hand-selected cotton balls. Go ahead, turn on the TV—The Voice starts in three minutes!

Standing up is (almost) effortless. Have you ever been so cozy that the thought of getting up is unbearable? I know you’ve been there. You start thinking of how long you’ll hold that position… and suddenly… you aren’t that hungry. Dinner can make itself, for this very second must have your full attention. If standing up is the worst part of your day, a lift chair is a perfect assistant. At the push of a button, it sits you up from a reclining position and places you on the ground with a gentle touch. Lazy? No. Useful? Absolutely. You got up, didn’t you?

It’s automatically controlled by a fancy remote. The only annoying thing about recliners is that lever you have to find and yank before it catapults you from your cozy nest. A lift chair features a specialized remote that fits into the palm of your hand. Go ahead—lose control, because you have all of it at your fingertips.

Get comfort, convenience, and more with a luxury lift chair. Start now by finding your local 101 Mobility®!