Inspiration: Adaptive Sports and Activities, Part 1

Being one of the social media specialists at 101 Mobility®, it is amazing how many inspiring stories that I have discovered online relating to adaptive sports. I have read stories about bull riders, marathoners, surfers, skateboarders, hockey players, car racers, skiers, and more amazing athletes with disabilities. These stories serve as a reminder that many of the body’s limits are set by our minds.

His name is Mile Stojkoski and he is a long-distance wheelchair marathoner. He is a person with a physical disability that chose a different life: one dedicated to helping other people with disabilities. “My vision is to show the international public that we deserve to live rich and full lives equally as everyone else,” said Stojkoski.

In summer 2012, Mile and his team launched the project “London 2012” for the Olympics, and they traveled from Macedonia to London (approx. 1,557 miles / 2,506 kilometers) in a marathon with his wheelchair. Their goal was to show the public that disabled individuals are capable of doing anything, and they also hoped to stimulate everyone towards the support of re-socialization, health improvement, and greater enjoyment of life for those with disabilities.

“Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.” – Emma Thompson

Arthur Boorman’s story is an inspiration to millions.  He is a Gulf War Veteran who came home injured.  He was a paratrooper during the war, during which he damaged his body to the point where the doctors said he would never walk on his own again. Believing his doctors’ opinions for over a decade, he became discouraged and started to gain weight. One day he wanted to try yoga as pain relief for his back.  After he visited a few studios for assistance, he found Diamond Dallas Pages Yoga, where the instructors were willing to guide and assist him through poses. Arthur’s life was forever changed. His balance began to improve, and practicing these poses seemed to be strengthening his body. Arthur lost 140 pounds in 10 months. Arthur Boorman believes that anyone in his condition can do what he did.

“A warrior does not give up what he loves. He finds the love in what he does.” – Socrates, Peaceful Warrior

Stay tuned for part two of this blog, in which I will share even more stories of athletic inspiration from people who have overcome significant challenges. Check out 101 Mobility®’s Facebook page and one of 101 Mobility®’s Pinterest pinboards, Adaptive Activities, for more inspiring stories and heartfelt images.