Sincerely, Your Local Service Technicians

At 101 Mobility®, we don’t come to work every day for the thrill of selling and installing chair lifts and wheelchair ramps.

Being a local service technician means being out in the field and helping people in our communities get a piece of their lives back. Customers warmly welcome us into their homes in anticipation of a problem solved. We see what no one else in the company sees on a daily basis. We’ve met with a young man in his 20’s who relied on his mother to drive him places after a devastating spinal cord injury. But then we had the opportunity to watch as the expression of pure joy formed on the young man’s face while he drove his old truck through the use of hand controls. As service technicians, we witness frustrated caregivers who seem to be one ‘can’t do it’ away from heartbreak. And we meet World War II veterans who will never take help from anyone, much less a stairlift. We were there when one came home from the hospital to find another sign of his ‘fleeting mobility’. But – our team later checked on the veteran only to find him using the stairlift to watch a movie upstairs with his grandchildren for the first time in years.

The feeling of being able to help bring back some sense of normality, confidence, independence, or activity into the lives of our community members is thanks enough. Just recently, a customer from South Carolina wrote us after a custom stairlift installation to show her sincere appreciation. In response, we can only say, it was our pleasure to be of assistance:

“Our grandmother was coming to live with me (Tamara) and was in need of total care, she has Alzheimer’s and is in the end stages; it has taken away her ability to stand or walk on her own. In order to come into my home you have to go up a set of stairs. I started a quest to figure out how I was going to make it possible for our grandmother to get upstairs with ease.

I (Tamara) remembered seeing commercials with stair lifts so began my search on the computer. I came across 101 Mobility® and Amber and I made the call. From the moment our call was answered, we were treated with the utmost care. David, the gentleman that we were so lucky to have help us, listened to all of our mobility needs, explained all our options and went above and beyond to make sure my family was taken care of. He then came out personally to install our grandmother’s lift and adjusted it perfectly to fit her.  To this day he continues to call to make sure all our grandmother’s needs are still being met. 101 Mobility® has given our grandmother life again and for that we will be forever grateful.” – Tamara  and sister Amber Valletta