Wheelchairs Can’t Rain on Codington’s Halloween Parade

The students in Ms. Bishop’s special needs class could not be more excited for Halloween. Being in a wheelchair can sometimes limit them with costume choices, but the tides are changing. For the second year in a row, 101 Mobility® has designed and built specialized wheelchair costumes for Codington Elementary’s special needs class in Wilmington, NC. As if that isn’t enough— parents, students, teachers, and community members of Codington will line the halls as each student in Ms. Bishop’s class flaunts their costume in front of the crowd.

 Wheelchair decorated for halloween

101 Mobility® building a costume for child who uses a wheelchair

For kids in wheelchairs, the whole Halloween atmosphere can be a bit daunting. After all, stores like Wal-Mart and Target don’t sell wheelchair costumes. There are online options, but different measurements, styles, sizes, and designs can all factor into an inaccurate and pricey purchase. And what fun would it be to not incorporate the wheelchair at all? You need the full effect!

Many parents choose to create wheelchair costumes on their own (view examples on our previous blog post: 10 Brilliant DIY Wheelchair Costume Ideas for Halloween), but some simply don’t have the time, tools, or finances to make it happen. This year, 101 Mobility® took matters into its own hands for a very inspiring class.

101 Mobility®’s service technicians were put to work with this year’s costume requests. Among the greatness is a mermaid in an illuminated seashell, a CAT construction worker mightily moving rocks with ease, a sea-ridden pirate with a ship grander than the Black Pearl, Batman in his Batmobile to save Gotham once more, and a flower child in a garden pot ready to bloom.

Joseph Gray, one of the wheelchair costume builders at 101 Mobility®, was enthusiastic about participating in this project again. “We had the measurements, the tools, and the eagerness to see this through. No child should have limited creativity when designing their Halloween costume.”

The parade takes place at Codington Elementary today, October 30, at 1:00 P.M. Local media outlets are welcome to attend and cover this event.

For press inquiries, contact Monique Williams at mowilliams@101mobility.com.