10 Brilliant DIY Wheelchair Costume Ideas for Halloween

Check out our wheelchair costume ideas put into practice by our very own team of service technicians. Below are 10 brilliant DIY Halloween costumes that you can whip up in just a day or two with a few cardboard boxes and foam board cut-outs!

Remember to measure the powerchair, wheelchair, scooter, or adaptive stroller that your child will be using. Keep in mind that you will need to leave room for your child to see what is going on around them or space to maneuver the wheels.

  1. DJ Jazzy: Getting this signature look is as simple as grabbing a few cans of black spray paint and hitting up a garage sale for old records and headphones. For added street cred, dress your DJ in a trendy shirt, hat, and sunglasses!

  2. Fireman: The key to turning your child into a first responder for the evening is lots of red spray paint! You will also need black and silver spray paint for the complete effect. Look for plastic bowls and LED lights at home depot to make headlights. This fireman Halloween costume would not be complete without a fireman hat, of course!

  3. Rockstar Diva: A Rockstar Diva requires a fabulous ride – nothing less than a silver star-spangled pink limo! To punch up the glam factor, add a feather boa, dramatic wig, and plenty of bling!

  4. Mario Kart: No doubt about it – the Mario Kart costume is a winner. Use foam boards to construct a gnarly red spoiler and run to a hardware store to get some rubber for the steering wheel. Whatever you do, don’t forget the mustache!

  5. Snow White: The Snow White gown is essential to pull this one off, but get creative with the wheelchair portion of the costume. Last year, we employed sheer fabric and small tree branches to create Snow White’s enchanted surroundings! Other Wheelchair Costume Ideas will be revealed on October 30th in Codington Elementary’s 2nd Annual Fall Festival Costume Parade…

  6. Batman: A stealth Batman in a shiny black Batmobile. Evil will not prevail!

  7. Mermaid: Have a water-loving child? Why not give her a Mermaid costume and transform her mobility device into a scalloped clam shell dripping with giant pearls.

  8. Construction Worker: A working man deserves an awesome tractor. Refer to the Bobcats by Caterpillar that the professionals use for inspiration!

  9. Pirate: Aye! Land ho! A pirate in a pirate ship cannot be complete without cannons… and a parrot!

  10. Flower: Searching for a truly unique costume? Put your beautiful flower of a child in a decorative flower pot. Stop by your local arts and crafts shop for silk flowers and butterflies.

On Wednesday, October 30th, at 1 P.M., Ms. Bishop’s special needs class will parade through Codington Elementary is fully decorated wheelchair costumes as the entire student body lines the hallways to cheer the class on.

Last year’s parade was one of the most special and memorable days we have ever been a part of. On behalf of Codington Elementary and 101 Mobility®, we’d love local media and bloggers nationwide to share this event with readers. This year’s wheelchair costumes are underway and will be even more spectacular than last year (built by 101 Mobility® – headquartered in Wilmington). See last year’s parade and get a closer look at costumes from the video below: