Top Online Shopping Tips for Everyone on Your List

Do you know what I love about shopping online? The ability to narrow down your options. Online shopping is also ideal for when roads are icy or you can’t sleep because you’re thinking of all the gifts you have to buy.

Here’s a list to help you find the best deals for everyone—from Grandpa to the youngest grandchild—this holiday season:

Kids & Teens: While there are hundreds of thousands of gifts on the web, most sites break down their products into helpful categories like “toys for girls,” “gifts for boys,” “best-sellers,” or “top-reviewed.” From there, you can sort by brand name, type of toy/gift, price, and sometimes by age. For all the latest toys today’s kids want, check out:

It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to the kids. Here’s a good rule of thumb currently circulating on Pinterest to help you simplify: buy them something they want, something they need, something they can wear, and something to read.

Young Adults: They’re an often overlooked group, falling through the cracks between the kids and grandparents. Some of them have jobs. Others are recent college grads with loads of debt and limited job prospects, making them a little trickier to buy for (unless of course, you’re able to give them college loan forgiveness!). Head here for ideas:

Boomers & Seniors: We know the older adults on your list can be especially difficult to buy for. Find gift-giving inspiration in the following:

  • Our recent post for unique gift ideas we know they’ll love (some of them don’t cost any money, just your time!).
  • To give them something no one else has thought of, read our blog post on the most practical and comfortable gift ever.

Bonus Tip: There’s one type of gift that seems to break all the generational boundaries: technology. Even three-year-olds would be happy with a new gadget — though you should absolutely check with their parents first before buying — and grandparents would love any device that allows them to see their favorite little people after the holidays are over.

  • MoneyCrashers.com lists their favorite 5 websites for saving money on discount electronics: MicroCenter, Fry’s, Newegg, TechBargains, and SlickDeals. Start searching and shopping.
  • Clifford Cancelosi, SVP of Technology and the CIO of A Place for Mom compiled a great list of the Best Tech Gifts for Grandparents.

So grab your coffee, turn on the holiday music, and stay in — happy holiday shopping at home!