TED Talks DisAbility

Last month, the TED Conferences held their annual gathering of innovators and influencers representing a variety of disciplines and industries. The main conference is held each year in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From groundbreaking discoveries in science to breathtaking musical performances and inspirational speakers, the goal of the project is to globally share these invaluable ideas. Below, we have compiled some of our favorite “Talks” covering disAbility. Enjoy!

Professor Rupal Patel is a speech scientist and director of the Communication Analysis and Design Laboratory at Northeastern University. In her presentation she discusses an incredible new technology helping people ‘find their voice.’

Caroline Casey grew up in Ireland and had an astonishing discovery about her abilities when she was 17. Find out how she used a positive outlook to not only change her life but also the lives of thousands through the Kanchi Network.

Tony Stark – or rather Dr. Hugh Herr, has used personal experiences to advance the industry and engineering of human bionics. Dr. Herr is currently the head of the Biomechatronics Research Group in the MIT Media Lab. See how he and his team have quite possibly changed the future, and don’t miss the unforgettable surprise toward the end of his talk!

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