6 “Life Hacks” for Caregivers

101 Mobility® understands that balancing your life and your loved one’s needs is no simple task. We’ve outlined our favorite “life hacks” for caregivers to make things a little easier:


A picture is worth a thousand grocery runs. When it finally comes time to go to the store… what exactly did you need again? A great hack is to take a photo of something as it’s running out. Even better—take a picture of your loved one’s fridge or pantry to see what’s missing. Your grocery list is now a visual, interactive list of images on your phone!

mason jar

Pre-plan meals. Before the hectic week begins, discuss meal options with your loved one and plan out a schedule. Ideas for simple and healthy meals are overflowing: store salad ingredients in mason jars and refrigerate. When it’s time to eat, just add dressing and shake up the jar! Another idea: cook a large meal like lasagna and freeze it. When you’re too busy to make dinner, just pop it in the oven. One of our favorite resources is 10minutemeals, a blog with several healthy options made in 10 minutes or less. Happy cooking!


Cut shopping time in half. When you’re grocery shopping for a loved one, bring a cooler or insulated bag with you so you can purchase your own groceries and store them for hours, if necessary. Two trips knocked out in one!


There’s an app for that. There are several caregiver apps available for download that assist with medication needs, scheduling, organization, and more. Here’s a great list from AgingCare.com to get you started.

essential oil

Ice up! If you find yourself in need of an ice pack and don’t have one, improvise! Mix one part rubbing alcohol with three parts water and freeze inside a zipper sandwich bag. This make-shift ice pack will mold to the shape of your body and stay cooler much longer than your typical bag of ice.

watering can watering a garden

De-stress, not distress. Remember to take care of yourself! When things get overwhelming, take a walk. Practice meditation. Call a friend. Set aside some personal time each day to do whatever it is you need to put yourself at ease.

Looking for more resources? Check out this post for helpful caregiver information.