Keeping the Holidays Bright

Twinkly lights, family and friends gathered together, good food and music. All of these things combine to make the holidays a special time for many of us. But along with all the joy can come some stress when there is too much to do and unrealistic expectations of what will happen over these busy days.

For seniors, the holidays are at time to gather with family and friends, and often a time to reflect on years past. If you sometimes find yourself getting a bit melancholy over the holidays, we offer you these suggestions for keeping the holidays bright!

  • Connect with an Old Friend. There is nothing quite as heartwarming as hearing the voice of a good friend when you pick up the phone. This low-cost investment in your happiness can reap rewards for days to come. Take time this holiday season to reconnect with friends and loved ones.
  • Share Your Memories. The holidays are a wonderful time to share memories of holidays past with your children and grandchildren. They will love to hear your favorite holiday memories from when you were a child.
  • Share Your Traditions. Now is also a great time to share a cherished family tradition. Start teaching your children and grandchildren those holiday recipes only you know. Show them how to make those beautiful decorations and centerpieces you are famous for. They will cherish these new memories and you will be passing along your valuable knowledge to them.
  • Stay Healthy. Nothing ruins the holidays more quickly than getting sick. Do your best to stay healthy by eating nutritiously, getting enough sleep, and washing your hands frequently. It’s a good idea to carry hand sanitizers with you for times when you can’t get to a bathroom to wash with soap and water. Also, don’t underestimate the value of a good nap when you’ve been busy. Getting enough rest and eating right will go a long way toward keeping you healthy throughout the holidays.
  • Watch Your Spending. It’s so easy to overspend and blow your budget during the holidays. Try to keep your spending within your means so you don’t have to deal with the additional stress of wondering how to pay the bills in the New Year. Your company is more valuable than any gift!
  • Enjoy Yourself! Embrace the simple joys of holiday music, time with friends, and good food. Remember why you celebrate the season and what makes it special for you. Some of the most memorable moments of the holidays are the quiet ones; hold them close to your heart!

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