Empowering Access to the Arts: Jesse H. Jones Hall Renovation

101 Mobility of Houston Metro is delighted to have contributed significantly to the $50 million renovation of Jesse H. Jones Hall for the Performing Arts in Houston, a project that enhances the audience experience to be inclusive and enjoyable for all. Occupying a full city block, this iconic cultural landmark is undergoing a transformative renovation that emphasizes both the preservation of its historic essence and the improvement of its accessibility.

new installation at Jones Hall

Originally opened in October 1966 and celebrated for its innovative design, Jones Hall has been a beacon of architectural and acoustic excellence, winning the American Institute of Architects' Honor Award in 1967. The ongoing renovations, initiated in 2021, are focused on refining acoustics, enhancing audience comfort, and upgrading accessibility features to meet modern standards.

A central feature of these upgrades is the installation of the Savaria V-1504 Prestige vertical platform wheelchair lift by 101 Mobility of Houston Metro. This installation replaces an older, less accessible lift, underscoring a shift towards visible, stylish, and effective accessibility solutions. Positioned strategically next to the main staircase, the new lift offers easy access from the street level to the theater's mezzanine, marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal.

inside jones hall

The choice of the Savaria V-1504 Prestige for Jones Hall reflects 101 Mobility of Houston Metro's commitment to delivering advanced solutions that enhance accessibility without compromising on style. This lift is not just a means of access but a statement piece in the grand entrance lobby, contributing to a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

The renovation of Jones Hall is a testament to the combined efforts of architects, engineers, and consultants. This project not only rejuvenates a significant historical venue but also ensures it remains a cornerstone of cultural life in Houston, accessible to everyone.

glass VPL inside Jones Hall

101 Mobility of Houston Metro is proud to be part of this culturally significant renovation, helping to secure the legacy of Jesse H. Jones Hall as a center for performing arts that is accessible and welcoming to all audiences for many more years to come.