Raizer II by Liftup

Mobile, Ergonomic & User-Friendly

Raizer II is an advanced, battery-operated mobile lifting chair designed to comfortably and safely lift a fallen person to a sitting or almost standing position. The process supports the entire body, ensuring a dignified and safe lift. This model is particularly focused on ergonomic benefits for both the assistant and the person being lifted.

Product Features

  • Safe Working Load: 150 kg/330.7 lbs.
  • Battery Capacity: Approx. 80 lifts per charge.
  • Seat Dimensions: Width 68.6 cm/27'', Depth 25.7 cm/10.1'', Height 19 cm/7.5''.
  • Assembly Time: Assembled in just a few minutes.
  • Cleanability: Improved design for easy cleaning and disinfection.

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