Auto Lifts Add to Your Mobility

You’ve got your new scooter and you love the mobility that it has provided you. You can’t believe how much freedom you now have. Suddenly getting out and about isn’t such a challenge. You can run down to the corner market, or put it in the trunk and go for outings with the grandkids. You can’t believe how many things you have added to your calendar now that you are zipping around on that scooter. But you have to admit, after a long day out, disassembling the scooter and loading it into the trunk can be tiring.

Have you thought about adding a lift to the back of your car? Do you have an SUV or van? With an Auto Lift from 101 Mobility®, you won’t have to disassemble your scooter. You can simply push your scooter onto the Auto Lift or use the lift to maneuver it into your vehicle and off you go. Imagine how many more places you can go with an Auto Lift to free you up from having to disassemble your scooter before and after each trip?

We offer a wide variety of Auto Lifts to choose from. For those with traditional sedans, we offer lifts that can raise your scooter and move it into the trunk of your car. We also offer platform lifts that allow you to roll your scooter onto the platform and raise it up for easy transportation.

If you own an SUV or van, we offer a wide variety of auto lifts that allow you to transport your scooter either inside or outside your vehicle. With a van, you will have the option of loading from the back door or side door.

We even offer several pickup truck solutions that allow you to transport your scooter in the bed of your pickup truck. If you have a wheelchair, you have the option of placing the wheelchair in the backseat of a four-door pickup truck.

With so many options to choose from, let the experienced, professional staff from 101 Mobility® help you find the right Auto Lift to meet your needs. To find the 101 Mobility® location nearest you, click here.