Outdoor Curved Rail Stair Lifts: The Facts

Over the last couple of years, curved rail stair lifts have been constructed to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors. We’ve received some inquiries about these stair lifts and would like to publish our most frequently asked questions along with answers from one of 101 Mobility®’s factory certified and trained service technicians.

Q: I wasn’t aware that 101 Mobility®offered curved rail stair lifts that are suitable for the outdoors. How long have they been available, and what brands offer them?

A: They’re fairly new to our industry. Bruno, one of the leading brand names in the mobility equipment industry, began offering them as of June of 2013. Now, both Bruno and Handicare offer them, and they have only advanced in durability, construction, and reliability over the last several months.

Q: How is an outdoor curved rail stair lift different from an indoor curved rail stair lift?
A: Outdoor stairlifts are smartly constructed to withstand harsh weather and temperatures. In addition to a durable build, these stair lifts have UV protected fabrics to protect it from the sun, stainless steel hardware that will not rust, and a weatherproof cover to cover the equipment when it is not in use.

Q: Are there any stair lift parts that would need replacing over the years?
A: Although the cover may fade over time, the seat and arm rest could but should not rust. Just make sure that you use the equipment cover to protect the stair lift in harsh conditions.

Q: Does this stair lift come with any warranties?
A: When purchased from 101 Mobility®, a one-year service warranty is offered for clients.

Q: How long does an installation take for an outdoor curved rail stair lift?
A: This is normally the typical process when purchasing a curved rail stair lift: after you call our team, we will venture to your home and perform an on-site evaluation to determine precise measurements. After that, they custom-build your curved rail to your stairway’s configuration to ensure a sure fit. Then we return and install your equipment, which lasts anywhere from 2-6 hours in most situations.

Q: What if my porch construction is unique or tricky?
A: Our outdoor curved rails are created custom for every job we receive. This means that you will get the best fitting product for your stairs. If structural modifications are necessary, our factory certified service technicians can make it happen.

Other Tips:

  1. Permitting officials want to see 36” of clear space available on the stairs after the lift is installed with everything folded down. For that reason, steps may need to be widened, or a secondary route needs construction that allows this clearance. Your 101 Mobility® service technician will be able to help you with this during your on-site evaluation.
  2. Curved rail stair lifts should not be used while it is raining. Keep an eye on the weather and cover the lift whenever necessary!

Do you have an outdoor curved rail stair lift question that you don’t see here? Leave it in the comments! Check back for more accessibility tips from our team of service technicians.