Can I Install My Own Stairlift?

It sounds like a good idea to many people. Buying a stairlift online at a deep discount and then doing the installation themselves. But at 101 Mobility®, we really wouldn’t recommend it. A stairlift is an expensive, high-tech piece of equipment designed for precise installation by professionals who have been trained to understand all the intricacies of the equipment.

Think about the importance of the chairlift. This chairlift will carry someone you love, up and down the stairs, each and every day, often many times during the day. The whole reason you bought this chairlift is to ensure the safety of that person.  The most important thing is that the chairlift is installed properly so that the person riding the stairlift is safely transported up and down the stairs each time they sit down.

At 101 Mobility®, our experienced installers understand the importance of getting it right. They have been through a rigorous training program and are certified to install your stairlift. Our installers have hundreds of hours of training and experience installing stairlifts.  With 101 Mobility® completing the installation, you can feel confident each time your loved one sits down that they will reach the top or bottom of the stairs safely.

Is there really any substitute for the comfort that comes with the knowledge of knowing that your stairlift was installed properly and to the highest safety standards by the professionals at 101 Mobility®?

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