How do I get up the stairs in my wheelchair?

There are several mobility solutions that can make getting up the stairs in your wheelchair possible. Check out photos, videos, and details to see how each accessibility solution can work in your home:

Wheelchair Lift for Porch/Deck

A wheelchair lift is a box-shaped device that carries wheelchair users to raised landings and multiple levels of their home. Wheelchair lifts are built to last. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a power chair, wheelchair, or scooter—simply roll onto the lift and travel upstairs.


To see a porch lift install, check out this video.

Incline Platform Lift

Incline lifts attach directly to your staircase and are operated by remote. After rolling onto the platform, the incline lift “folds up” its edges for safe travel. The big perk about incline platform lifts is that you can easily travel up and down your staircase without getting out of your wheelchair.


To watch how an incline lift operates, click here to view a video.

Home Elevator

Chic and sleek, a home elevator is a mobility solution with style. Whether you’re in a wheelchair or not, elevators are cool to use. 101 Mobility® offers various models of home elevators with glass paneling, vacuum suction, energy-efficient operation, and even one that doesn’t require a pit.


To see how the PVE elevator works, click here to view a video.

Stair Lift

Although stair lifts aren’t practical for someone wanting to take their wheelchair with them, it is a cost-effective solution for smoothly getting up and down the stairs. Many of our customers in wheelchairs opt for a stair lift because they can move onto the stair lift and back into another wheelchair at the top of the stairs, or they can walk short distances to and from the stair lift.


Click here to watch a video of a stair lift in operation.

It’s time to turn mountains into molehills for you or a loved one. To make it happen, start by finding your local 101 Mobility®.