Residential Wheelchair Ramps: The Basic Building Blocks for Your Home

Curious about installing a wheelchair ramp in your home? You’ve come to the right place. Installing a wheelchair ramp gives you and guests a safe and reliable way to access your home; anyone can use a ramp whether they need assistance walking or if they are in a wheelchair or scooter. Choosing the perfect ramp depends on the user’s level of mobility, time frame needs, and lifestyle. Below we have outlined the characteristics and compared the advantages of four residential wheelchair ramp models.

Ramps - Characteristics & Applications

  • Modular - Strong, durable, long-lasting. Great for those with acute mobility challenges

  • Lightweight - Sturdy, weather-resistant, portable around the house. Great for those with mild, acute mobility challenges

  • Folding - Versatile, compact, travels anywhere. Ideal for someone constantly on the go.

  • Rentals - Strong, reliable, conveniently temporary. Perfect for events or in-home rehabilitation

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps
Consider an aluminum modular ramp if you want to have a reliable and long-term ramp installed in your home’s entryway. These durable ramps are ideal for everyday accessibility and can be used by the whole family. To ensure safe and proper construction, have a licensed professional securely install your modular ramp. The non-corrosive aluminum will also ensure your wheelchair ramp lasts for years to come!

wheelchair ramp

*an aluminum modular ramp installed by 101 Mobility®

Lightweight Threshold Wheelchair Ramps
It’s easy to make several entryways accessible with a lightweight ramp. The world is your oyster! The ramps’ lightweight aluminum body is easy to lift and move from one doorway to the next. Portable ramps are great if you don’t want to commit to having a ramp installed in a single doorway. They allow accessibility at home, yet still enable you to fully utilize your home in its original state.

lightweight ramp

*a light weight portable ramp from 101 Mobility®

Travel Folding Wheelchair Ramps
Constantly zipping around town? It’s likely you often worry about your destination’s wheelchair accessibility. A folding ramp reduces a lot of that worry. Traveling with a folding wheelchair ramp means you have a ramp whenever and wherever you go. These ramps are smart and sturdy; some models can even fold up in a suitcase-like fashion!

portable ramp

*a travel-ready folding ramp from 101 Mobility®

Rental Wheelchair Ramps
Rental ramps are convenient, very affordable, and the perfect answer for a short-term need. There are countless reasons why you might need a rental ramp, from in-home medical recovery to hospice and even hosting a special event. Have a rental ramp installed in your home to make any of these situations seamless!

rental ramp

*rented ramps make events accessible for all

For more information about modular, portable, and rental ramps for your home, please visit our website. If you’re ready to begin the process, find your local 101 Mobility®, with our convenient store locator.

If you’re a business owner in search of a ramp that fits building regulations and ADA guidelines, check out additional information here.