Did You Know 101 Mobility Installs Modular Wheelchair Ramps?

When you need more than a portable ramp for your home, the best solution is a modular wheelchair ramp. The modular wheelchair ramp offers the durability and strength of a wooden structure without lengthy construction time and maintenance hassles. The modular wheelchair ramps from 101 Mobility® can be installed as a permanent or semi-permanent structure at your home and offer you the design flexibility and easy installation you want in a ramp.

With a modular ramp from 101 Mobility®, you get a ramp that requires less hardware and no preassembly. Our modular wheelchair ramps are made from aluminum and are designed for durability and to withstand the elements. The sides are flush and finished so you don’t have to worry about any sharp edges protruding into the usable ramp space. They are completely safe for everyone to use. Our expert staff will design the ramp to work with the entrance to your home so that the configuration is easy to use and maneuver with your wheelchair or scooter.

Our certified trained installers can have your wheelchair ramp installed in just a couple of hours. Installation is quick and easy because the ramps, handrails, and platforms all come preassembled. We don’t need to anchor our modular wheelchair ramps into concrete footings or pads. They come with integrated independently adjustable supports making installation on any surface simple and straightforward. Our professional installers are adept at ensuring your ramp will be secure and safe for all who use it.

Need to have your ramp removed or relocated to another entrance? No problem. We can do that too. That is one of the real benefits of modular wheelchair ramps; they can be easily removed, reassembled, and used again without any trouble at all.

The modular wheelchair ramp you purchase from 101 Mobility® will come with an extruded skid-resistant surface for safety and will be 36” wide. Our ramps have an 850-pound weight capacity. Their low maintenance design can even be custom-colored to complement the exterior of your home.

To learn more about our selection of modular wheelchair ramps, please contact the 101 Mobility® location nearest you.