Your Towel Bar Can’t Save You

Mr. and Mrs. Sparkman are a lovely couple, in every sense of the word. They are kind, courteous, loving, and accepting, toward one another and toward everyone around them. They’ve walked together through a lifetime of joys and sorrows, victories and challenges.

As they grow older, Mr. Sparkman is facing new mobility challenges. He uses a walker and often leans on sturdy furniture for help with his balance. He navigates slowly and deliberately through their home.

Your Towel Bar Can’t Save You

In the bathroom, Mr. Sparkman, resembles a boy crossing monkey bars, reaching from right to left for stable support to guide him through the room. One of the handholds Mr. Sparkman relied on for support was a conveniently mounted towel ring, which he regularly grabbed with his left hand while reaching for an adjacent counter with his right. The problem is, towel rings were meant to hold towels, not people, and, sadly, the towel ring gave way, resulting in a nasty fall for Mr. Sparkman.

Thankfully, his injuries were minor. However, the fall was enough to prompt the Sparkman to reach out to 101 Mobility®of San Diego for help.

Bathroom Safety

grab towel

Towel Bar from Grabcessories

I visited Mr. and Mrs. Sparkman in their home for a free consultation to assess their bath safety needs. During our consultation, I learned about Mr. Sparkman’s abilities, and he demonstrated the path he uses to navigate his way through the bathroom. We determined the ideal placement of several unique grab bar solutions from Grabcessories that would provide him a supported pathway. These bars are both functional and decorative, offering a stylish, safe solution.

Unfortunately, falls like Mr. Sparkman’s are more common than they should be, as people rely on unreliable objects for support and balance. Most falls occur at home, and most falls at home occur in the bathroom.

Fall Prevention

Falls can be prevented by creating a safe environment in the home. Here are a few tips for bath safety to reduce your risk of a fall:

  1. Remove loose scatter rugs

  2. Install slip-resistant flooring

  3. Install a low-threshold barrier-free shower enclosure

  4. Replace towel bars with decorative multi-function grab bars

  5. Use a shower seat and handheld showerhead

  6. Install a comfort height toilet

  7. Install motion-sensing night light for late-night bathroom visits