6 Exciting Wheelchair-Friendly Theme Parks

Amusement parks are some of the most exciting places to be during the summer months! Here are six of 101 Mobility®’s favorite accessible theme parks from around the country:

  1. Morgan’s Wonderland: San Antonio, TX: Morgan’s Wonderland is the world’s first entirely accessible amusement park. It was built for children with special needs and disabilities in mind. The park even offers free admission to those with special needs or disabilities! From the paths to the playgrounds, wheelchairs can easily navigate every inch of this park.

  2. Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari: Santa Claus, IN: Holiday World wins awards for being the friendliest and cleanest theme park in the world. All of their restaurants, theaters, and shops are wheelchair accessible, and their Rides Guide highlights accessible rides. They also partner with Easter Seals to host an annual discounted “Play Day” to raise money for children with disabilities!

  3. Sesame Place: Langhorne, PA: Sesame Place produces an Accessibility Guide with information about rides, exhibits, and shows, and offers assistance to hearing impaired guests. In addition, guests with disabilities may wait in a Virtual Queue, so that they can enjoy other activities while “waiting” in line, and then return to the attraction at the end of the determined wait time.

  4. Cedar Fair Parks: From Cedar Point in Ohio to Carowinds in North Carolina, the eleven parks operated by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company have Ride Boarding Passes for guests with restricted mobility and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The passes give guests a boarding time so that they can skip the line at their designated time. In addition, Alternate Access Entrances are available on many rides.


  1. Disneyland/Disney World: Anaheim, CA/Orlando, FL: Both Disneyland and Disney World are known for their hospitality and accommodation of guests. Both parks offer Disability Access Service Cards to allow guests with disabilities to return to attractions later and skip the line. In addition, they offer resources (including accessibility guides) for those with mobility, hearing, visual, and cognitive disabilities.

  2. Six Flags: Six Flags operates 18 amusement and water parks across North America. Each location has Equal Access Passes, which allows alternate entrance access and boarding time (so that guests can wait elsewhere instead of inline) for the mobility impaired guest and three companions.

If you’re heading to a theme park this summer, consider renting one of 101 Mobility®’s auto lifts to make transporting your wheelchair, scooter, or power chair a breeze! And remember the #1 rule of theme parks: Have fun!