9 Great Holiday Gifts for Older Adults

​Need gift ideas for the important, but tough-to-buy-for, seniors in your life? Use this guide to inspire your shopping this holiday season:

  1. Time together: Your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. Many older adults would rather spend time with the people they love instead of having another necktie or dust-collecting knickknack to knock about. A word of caution: don’t give the gift of time if you can’t commit to fulfilling it.

  2. Chore vouchers: Vouchers or coupons for help with basic chores (meal prep and clean-up, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc.) can be a meaningful gift for seniors. When you offer the chore voucher, set updates to fulfill them as soon as possible.

  3. Helpful apps (& set-up help): There are tons of great apps for seniors today, from medication reminders and brain games to care management tools and digital Mahjongg. But who has time to set them up? Download a few apps for the seniors in your life and spend some time showing them how it works.

  4. Gift cards for spa services or restaurants: Gift cards for the things that many consider “luxuries,” like going for a pedicure or enjoying dinner at a nice restaurant, are a terrific idea for older adults. (It would be wise to offer the gift of time as an added bonus, so you know that the gift cards will get used.)

  5. VTech CareLine Phone System: According to Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., this home telephone and personal communication system empowers seniors to stay socially connected in a way that supports their hearing, dexterity, or vision challenges, thanks to the “large displays, photo speed dial & reminder capabilities, volume boost and a wearable pendant with one-button dialing that directly calls those pre-selected people who seniors communicate with most or for emergencies.”

  6. Liz & Ett adaptive clothing: After caring for both of her grandmothers, Liz Emery saw the need “for stylish apparel adapted to the needs of women with limited mobility.” Shop her online boutique for totes, “smockfrocks” and vests (for men and women) that are easy to wear and wash.

  7. Portable ramps: Look no further than our 101 Mobility® site for gifts that make life a little easier for older adults dealing with mobility challenges. Check out our selection of light, modular, and folding ramps for the one that best meets your loved one’s needs.

  8. Auto door openers: If a senior you know uses a mobility aid like a cane, walker, or wheelchair, opening doors is no easy task. Surprise an older adult in your life this holiday with an automatic door opener from 101 Mobility®.

  9. Lift chairs: Know what’s better than a La-Z-Boy? A lift chair. This super lush, completely comfortable, remote-controlled chair that’s easy to get in and out of would make a great gift for your senior loved one. Read more about them here.