Mobility Q&A: Do I Need a Fully-Converted Handicap Van?

Maybe you’ve asked the question for yourself, or maybe you’ve asked it on behalf of someone you’re caring for: “Do I/we need a fully-converted handicap van?”

The simple answer is no.

There’s no need to spend every penny on converting your vehicle, a process which costs anywhere from $10,000 to over $20,000, according to this CarsDirect.com article. The broad range estimate includes a rear entry wheelchair ramp, undercarriage modifications (i.e. more support for the extra weight and stress on the axles, springs, shocks, and brakes), driver’s “cockpit” adjustments — like a place to lock in a wheelchair or a swivel captain’s chair — to a side entry lift. Even purchasing a used, already converted model can be a hefty expense.

We’ve got a more affordable option to suggest, and it’s one that you can adjust to meet your or a loved one’s unique mobility needs:

  • auto lifts Got a sedan, SUV, van, or pickup? There are auto lifts to support whatever style of vehicle you take on the road, with a variety of storage and power options.
  • turning seats Whether you need help getting up and into — or exiting — the driver’s or passenger seat, a turning automotive seat may be a better solution than the costly driver’s cockpit adjustments suggested above.

Just about any vehicle can support an auto lift or turning seat, and all of these modifications are easy to add or remove as needed.

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