The Richardsons: Handling Life’s Turns with a Stairlift

At almost 80 years old, Gordon and Nancy Richardson enjoyed their active, mobile lifestyle in Orangevale, CA. They enjoyed spending time together, as well as with their adult children, with little if any physical limitations. That all changed in 2012 when Nancy had an accident. After recovering from her injuries, she was left with a permanent back injury, resulting in limited mobility and significant pain.

In the wake of her accident, she lost the ability to easily go up and down the staircase in their home. She could still move, but could not walk upstairs, so she resorted to an excruciating crawl on her hands and knees up the staircase to her 2nd-story bedroom. Once upstairs, she was essentially stranded as the effort and time it took to get back down the staircase and up again would leave her exhausted and in unbearable pain. She would remain isolated in her bedroom save for the times when her husband would come up to bring her meals and other items. She was unable to accompany him downstairs, let alone out of their home.

Unhappy with the current status of their lives, the Richardsons recognized the urgent need for an alternative. They began their search for a chairlift, looking to local companies. Because of the unique curvature of the staircase, they required a custom-made stairlift – devices that can cost over $10,000. While the price of the device was high, it was far less than the costs of moving into a new home or assisted living facility – both monetary and emotional. Between the cost of a moving service, costs associated with purchasing and decorating a new home and, the mental strain caused by leaving their beloved home and neighborhood, they determined that moving would not be a worthwhile option. They also looked into Long Term Care Insurance to help offset the cost of the stairlift.Handling life's turns with a stairlift

The Richardsons reached out to a few companies for quotes but ultimately chose 101 Mobility® Sacramento based on stair lift brands offered, cost, and service. It is important to choose a certified and reliable company when making a purchase as large and important as a custom stair lift. Many companies that sell such products may hire out the installation service to a “handyman” who does not have specific knowledge of the product, or maybe unable or unavailable to provide service when needed down the road.

101 Mobility® Sacramento, on the other hand, is part of a reputable franchise network with locations all across the country. They offer chair lifts from top manufacturers, including the American-made and reputable Bruno and Harmar. It is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Paul and Pauline Lenser, who are long-time residents of the Sacramento area. Paul is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist – a designation awarded by the National Association of Home Builders which provides assurance that he runs a reputable business and has the knowledge and know-how to ensure that the Richardsons’ home is safe for them as they age. Additionally, 101 Mobility® offers a complimentary service warranty on their stairlifts in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, providing the Richardsons extra peace of mind in making a purchase as large as that of a custom stairlift.

Upon deciding to purchase a Bruno stairlift from 101 Mobility®, one of 101 Mobility®'s Bruno-certified Product Specialists went to the Richardsons’ home to take photographs of their staircase with a special 3-D camera. The photographs and measurements were sent to the manufacturer, who began building the custom unit. After a few weeks, the unit was ready for installation, and 101 Mobility®’s Product Specialists assembled and installed the unit, ensuring that the Richardsons were comfortable and confident using it.

Bruno Stairlift

Gordon was delighted with the service that he received from the staff of 101 Mobility® Sacramento, stating that “the company has excellent salespeople and installers, and we were really happy with everything… even the office staff is excellent, not only Paul who came to our house himself but his staff in the office – you could call them any time and ask questions. The whole operation is very smooth and no-nonsense.”

Nancy has had her Bruno Elite Curved Stairlift for over a month and has seen great improvement in her daily life. According to Gordon, she “zips down the curve and can come into the family room” where they enjoy the simple things once again, like watching a movie together – “she’s mobile, and it’s really changed her life.”