Giving the Ultimate Holiday Gift to Grayson

Harmar, 101 Mobility® partner to provide 12-year-old Grayson with a free pool lift for Christmas.

SARASOTA, FL – Like many 12-year-olds, Grayson Tullio is bright-eyed and full of energy; having a range of passions that spans everything from horseback riding, Boy Scouts, video games, to causing trouble with his twin sister. There’s only one factor in Grayson’s life that slows him down: muscular dystrophy.

Grayson suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a particularly aggressive form of muscular dystrophy that only affects boys. Although varying from case to case, the life expectancy for someone with the condition is around 25 years.

“’Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy’ is a very nasty word; and breaks down all the muscles in one’s limbs and, ultimately, their heart,” described Jennifer Tullio, Grayson’s mother. “There is currently no cure.”

In spite of the situation, Grayson and his family – who live in sunny Sarasota, Florida – refuse to let the disease stop them. On their support website, Another Day for Gray, mother Jennifer Tulio writes, “Ten years after (the) original diagnosis, I am happy to say that there is hope. Tremendous strides have been in research, awareness, and improving standards of care and treatments.”

Although improvements in the field are steadily being made, the Duchenne’s is starting to take a toll on Grayson’s body. His mobility, along with his balance, is becoming far more difficult to control as he ages. There are also challenges regarding strength and development, an unfortunate side effect of his condition.

According to Jennifer, Grayson’s doctors have given him 2 years at most before he will be permanently off his feet. “At this point, at 12 years of age, his walking has slowed to bearable, at most.”

To combat the effects of the disease, the Tullio family has found aqua therapy to be the most effective and critical means for Grayson’s physical therapy.

“The steroids he takes to preserve muscle strength slows his metabolism and makes him gain weight,” said Jennifer. “His only form of exercise is swimming. He loves to swim too!”

However, as Grayson’s strength declines, he’s found it harder and harder to get in and out of his family pool on his own. And, being a 12-year-old boy, he wants to stay independent, not having to rely on his mother, father, or therapist to help him in the water.

That’s why Harmar, along with the help of 101 Mobility®in Sarasota, decided to bring some Christmas cheer to Grayson’s family this holiday season. Harmar, a leading manufacturer of accessibility solutions headquartered in Sarasota, donated a brand new pool lift to help Grayson easily transition to and from the pool.

“There are no words to describe what you have given my Grayson,” Jennifer explained. “Independence and self-confidence don’t even come close.”

After Harmar contacted Chuck Vollmer, owner of 101 Mobility® in Sarasota, for installation of the lift, he offered to perform the entire install free-of-charge for the family, without hesitation.

“We’ve gotten to know Grayson and he’s a great kid,” Chuck commented shortly after finishing setting up the lift.

“Bright, happy, joyful… Just a neat little dude.”

Chuck added that the Harmar pool lift will absolutely give Grayson back the control and independence he was looking for to enjoy swimming during his much-needed hydrotherapy.

“The look of pure joy on his face will stay with our mobility specialist well beyond this holiday season.”

Jennifer wrote, “We can’t thank each of you enough for what you do at 101 Mobility®! Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would end up where we are today.”

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