Generous Stair Lift Donation in Rochester Exemplifies 101 Mobility’s Core Values

101 Mobility® Core Values

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Sea Breeze Volunteer Fire Department is now accessible thanks to Miguel of 101 Mobility® Rochester!

Last week, Miguel Millan, Franchise Owner of 101 Mobility® Rochester donated a stair lift valued at $4,200 to his local Sea Breeze Volunteer Fire Department. His generous gift ended the department’s 10-year financial struggle to purchase a stair lift. 101 Mobility® prides itself in operating with integrity and exceeding expectations. Volunteer Firefighter, Mark Champion attests that this custom installation was no different,

“Our volunteer firefighters are aging and a lot of them are senior citizens, one of our former firefighters is a double amputee; we don’t have to carry him or anyone else up the stairs in their wheelchairs anymore! We also raise money for the department by renting out the upstairs reception hall and now we can bring in more groups, there is a lot of excitement within the department. We really appreciate what Miguel has done and his donation has made a huge difference!”

Stair Lift donation makes Sea Breeze Volunteer Department accessible for elderly and disabled

Although Miguel opened his Rochester franchise just eight and a half months ago, when he received a call from the Sea Breeze Volunteer Fire Department’s chief, Miguel simply did the right thing. After working for years as an EMT and firefighter, Miguel explains,

“I know the hardships that they go through and they [emergency responders] are just good people……we at 101 Mobility® saw a need and took the opportunity to help by donating and installing a stair lift”.

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