7 Reasons to Get the 101 Mobility Bundle This Black Friday.

This holiday season, 101 Mobility® is offering an exclusive Mobility Bundle for Black Friday! The Bundle includes your choice of a power chair or scooter PLUS a swing-away auto lift to tow your chosen device around town. As an additional bonus, the lift comes with a cover so you can protect it from harsh weather conditions.

Why should you opt for the 101 Mobility® Bundle this Black Friday? Let’s count the ways…

    1. It’s an exclusive deal for multiple products. For one price of $2,799, you will receive your choice of a power chair or scooter, a swing-away auto lift that carries up to 350 pounds, and a lift cover! Our team of factory-certified service technicians completely handles your vehicle evaluation and product installation so you have nothing to worry about.

    2. It improves the lifestyle of a loved one experiencing mobility difficulties. When our team speaks with clients, they often tell us that the scooters at department stores are not charged and sometimes even shut off in the middle of the building. The convenience of having your own bundle ensures complete control over this situation, allowing you to charge your power chair or scooter at your leisure and take it with you on the go.

    3. It gives peace of mind. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with mobility issues, the 101 Mobility® Bundle offers comfort, ease of use, and on-the-go accessibility. If getting around has been difficult, or if one of your parents or loved ones gets tired walking around, a scooter or power chair could greatly help with their situation.

    4. You get the choice of a scooter or a power chair for added convenience. The option of which mobility device you choose is entirely up to you. Our team of trained service technicians offers this advice: scooters are mainly for those who can still get around but may need assistance for long distances. For example, someone could be able to get around their home okay but may struggle to get the mail or running errands. Power chairs, on the other hand, are designed for those who cannot get around very easily, and therefore rely on the power chair for most of their mobility needs.

    5. The swing-away auto lift is super convenient. If you need to run errands, you can roll your scooter or power chair onto the swing-away auto lift platform and take your device with you on the road. What makes this type of auto lift so handy is its ability to “swing away” and allow trunk access at the push of a button. The swing-away auto lift that’s included in the bundle fits nearly every type of vehicle, including SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, and even RVs.

    6. 101 Mobility® will service your power chair/scooter and auto lift should you experience a malfunction down the road. Our team is factory-trained and certified to provide each of our customers with exceptional mobility service. We will venture to your residence to service your mobility equipment if there are any issues.

    7. The 101 Mobility® Bundle is delivered directly to your residence–for free. Our team will gladly deliver your new 101 Mobility® Bundle to your residence so you can get moving! Additionally, our service technicians will professionally install your swing-away auto lift to your vehicle and demonstrate how to use your scooter or power chair.

    Does the 101 Mobility® Bundle sound like the perfect Black Friday deal for you or a loved one? Call us today to speak with a representative at (888) 258-0652 or visit this website for more information!