5 Meaningful Ways to Observe Veterans Day

Show Your Appreciation For Our Veterans

Living in America has its privileges. We can freely express our opinions and faith, pursue any career we choose, and write about anything that interests us. While we sometimes take these liberties for granted, it’s important to remember the people that made our way of life possible—and what better time than Veterans Day? Here are five simple ways to appreciate a Veteran.

Say Thank You

Out loud, to their face, with sincerity. If you see a Veteran (given away by commemorative hats, t-shirts, or other attire), stop by and say something like “I really appreciate your service for this country” or “Thank you for fighting for my rights.” It’s such a simple gesture but goes a long way for a Veteran who made your freedom possible.

Write it Down

Personal letters for deployed troops and Veterans are in demand. Connect with a Veteran via mail—tell them a little bit about yourself. Ask questions, but stray away from war and political topics. Remember this thank you is about appreciation and respect, so try to keep the message upbeat and positive.

Donate Items

Doing some early spring cleaning? Consider donating the things you can’t keep to a local Veteran center. Things like clothes, coffee, board games, and books can make a huge difference in a Veteran’s life. Items like Beanie Babies and WebKinz are in high demand by Operation Gratitude. Get a lot of Halloween candy this year? Give some “sweet” donations to local Veterans!

Financial Support

Financial contributions are always encouraged. Non-profit Veteran centers like Operation Gratitude offer a specialized Veterans Care Package Program so Veterans know that their service is forever appreciated and remembered. Every $15 donated to Operation Guideline sends another care package to an appreciative Veteran. Learn more about financial contributions here.


Men and women have served in the military to ensure this country’s freedom and the ability for each voice to be heard. Go to your local government center and get registered. Do some web searching about politics and local candidates in your area, and start thinking about the next election.

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