5 Cool Costume Ideas for Disabled Children This Halloween

While having a disability can limit what children do in terms of physical activity, they certainly have the upper hand when it comes to cool costume ideas. With the Halloween season upon us, it’s the perfect time to look at some very awesome costume ideas that fit perfectly on your child’s wheelchair, walker, or mobility scooter.

1. ET Bicycle and Basket

Possibly one of the most iconic costumes on this list is Spielberg’s “ET”, complete with a handbasket and mounted alien. For starts, your child’s costume will be very easy to construct, as it only consists of a simple pair of blue jeans and a red hoodie. It is preferable that your child be situated in either a wheelchair, power scooter, or power chair to make this rendition fully come to life. Just in front of the handlebars on the mobility device, you’re going to want to place a plastic crate or simple bicycle basket. This is the part that really makes the costume come to life, a this is where “ET” will be situated. An ET stuffed figure is recommended for this section of costume, as well as a white blanket to cover him. After fashioning the basket to the handlebars with either zip ties or clamps, you’re ready to go!

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2. Brandon Stark from “Game of Thrones”

Possibly one of the best-produced, most-watched, and well-written TV dramas in cinematic history, everyone is sure to recognize your child with this awesome Halloween costume. This costume also has the potential to involve two people, as in the show, Brandon Stark is pulled and pushed around by his large aide; Hodor. This costume requires some more materials and maybe one of the pricier options on this list. A radio flyer wagon, complete with hay, artificial fur blankets, and a re-coat of the wagon’s original red color. The person playing Hodor could get away with a Shrek-style costume, without the green skin or fantasy ears of course. This costume is a great idea as long as the person playing Hodor doesn’t mind pulling a wagon around all Halloween night. The dire wolf stuffed animal is completely optional.

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3. Star Wars Tie-Fighter

This one is more of just a concept as there are many different ways around it. This can mainly be done on wheelchairs, power chairs, and power scooters. The solar panels on either side should be fashioned out of cardboard and painted black. Silver paint is not necessarily needed for this costume, as silver duct tape can make the job much easier while still providing the same desired aesthetic effect. In order to keep the solar wings from spinning with the wheels of your mobility product, it is important that you either attach them to the back of the seat or the arms rests. This will provide the desired aesthetic design while being practical. An actual costume for your child’s body is optional and could include a store-bought stormtrooper or Tie-pilot suit.

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4. NASA Space Shuttle

This one requires some artistic talent and some craftsmanship. The materials you will need include: Tape, Cardboard (A lot), NASA Stickers. A staple gun would also help out immensely, as well as acquiring some black, white, and silver paint. This is where having a mobility product comes into play, as its shape acts as a natural frame to support the cardboard spaceship, leaving a space for your child to stick his/her upper torso through. This design can be applicable to a wide number of cardboard vehicles and themes, including tanks, race cars, airplanes, and trains.

5. Rock N’ Roll Drummer

As with the rest of the Halloween costumes on this list, this drummer kit goes perfectly with wheelchairs. It is not so much designed for power scooters was the handlebars get in the way of the cardboard bass drum. This costume is simple, cool, and won’t inhibit any of your child’s movement. The drums can be mounted via the wheelchair’s handlebars and can accommodate up to 3 drums, with cymbals. It’s even possible to make this costume functional if you have a spare drum set lying around. You could also theme the drum set to any band you wish, as the bass drum leaves ample space for logos and insignia. It would even be possible to put your child’s name on the bass drum.