101 Mobility vs. Hotwheels: Wheelchair Hockey Mayhem

On Saturday, March 22nd, ten brave representatives from 101 Mobility® (and a few spunky cheerleaders) geared up to take on Wilmington’s own Hotwheels Power-Wheelchair Hockey Team. The stage was set at Hoggard High School for some fierce competition. Team 101 hoped to redeem themselves from a loss to the Hotwheel’s blazing offense back in the 2013 season.

The swift and seasoned Hotwheels team boasted a successful season thus far. They would be a tough opponent for team 101, who spent the better part of warm-ups getting their bearings in their manual wheelchairs. The game would consist of three 15 minute periods with 4 players on each side, plus a goalie.

The Hotwheels came out smoking in the first period and outscored team 101 Mobility® 3 to 2.

With a complete line change, team 101 ‘went to work’ during the 2nd and tied the game up with one minute left in the period.

The 3rd period was a contest indeed! Scoring continued forcefully back and forth in the heated competition. With 4 minutes left in the 3rd, the teams were tied with 5 goals apiece.

Team 101 got lucky with a goal late in the 3rd period for the win! What a valiant effort from all the players on the court!

Thank you to all the Hotwheels Hockey Players, family members, and supporters! We can’t wait to play again next year!

To learn more about the stellar Hotwheels Power Wheelchair Hockey Team, visit their Facebook page: