10 Easy Ways to Have Fun and Stay Young

With aging comes the small aches and pains that can make day to day living more difficult. For those who struggle with arthritis, it can be even more difficult to get around and enjoy activities with their families and grandkids. If you are looking for ways to get out and enjoy life, try these 10 tips for fun with family and friends!

  1. Sign up for an exercise class! It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby. Low impact exercises like water aerobics, swimming, dance, golf or gardening are great ways to get in a little exercise and loosen up those tight or sore joints.

  2. Play Games! Next time the family comes over, break out the board games. Game nights are all the rage with families right now and you can show them what you’re made of! If you’re feeling adventurous, try a bit of pool, Foosball or table tennis for an added bit of movement and competition.

  3. Pass on Family Recipes. Take the kids and grandkids into the kitchen and teach them how to cook your famous cookies, pie or meatloaf. They will love to learn all about your secret ingredients and you will enjoy some good bonding time.

  4. Build it and They will Come. Kids love arts and crafts. So break out the supplies and build something fabulous to send home to Mom and Dad.

  5. Go Geo-caching. Not sure what this? Your grandkids know! It’s a high tech treasure hunt and its loads of fun. Tell the grandkids you want to go and we are certain they will take you up on the offer!

  6. Low Tech Treasure Hunt. Not ready for Geo-Caching? Why not create a low-tech treasure hunt for the grandkids in your back yard. Hide little treasures around the yard and set the kids off to find them. They will love the adventure!

  7. Gardening. Whether it’s indoor pots or a whole outdoor garden, gardening is great exercise and the reward is quite simply…beautiful! What a great way to brighten your day and help you feel young!

  8. Clean It Up. Nothing quite like a good old fashion yard or house cleanup to loosen those joints and get the blood pumping. Ok – this might not qualify as “fun”, but it will keep you busy and feeling good!

  9. Fido Needs a Walk. Don’t have a dog? Have you considered adopting one? Having a pet is a great way to get some unconditional love and some extra exercise.

  10. Just Get Outside! Some fresh air and a good walk does everyone good. Take the grandkids and play at the park, walk in the leaves, toss the ball. Just have a good time outside and feel your body loosen up and wake up to the fresh air!