101 Mobility or Restaurant Franchise? You Decide

Imagine making the large investment required with any restaurant, putting the finishing touches on the kitchen and interior, installing all of that pricey and expensive equipment, and preparing for your grand opening – only to find that one of your major competitors is opening across the street. Your business is completely stationary, and suddenly you have to find ways of competing in such a saturated target area. There are many advantages to owning a 101 Mobility® franchise versus that of a restaurant franchise. As in the example above, competition probably has more of an impact on the restaurant business than that of any other franchise operation. The competitive landscape can change dramatically virtually overnight, and the large corporate machinery that oversees your restaurant business has no compassion for your competitive plight as they have thousands of other franchisees in various predicaments. Restaurant franchising can be a harsh reality as corporate bottom lines usually trump personalized problem-solving.

101 Mobility®

  • Virtually no Competition
  • Low Initial Investment
  • Start from Home
  • Comprehensive one-on-one Training
  • Mobile Business / Ability to Spread out
  • Personalized Comprehensive Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Initially Assist in Operations
  • Workflow Management Software Mobilink™
  • Cutting Edge Product Line
  • Valuable & Personal Vendor Relationships

Restaurant Franchise

  • Saturated with Competition
  • Very High Investment
  • Cannot Start from Home
  • Impersonal Training Through Manuals & Video
  • Stationary Business
  • Impersonal Support – Bottom Line Only
  • No Lead Generation
  • Do Not Initially Assist in Operations
  • No Workflow Management Software
  • Stagnant Product Line
  • Corporate Impersonal Vendor Relationships

Other advantages abound in owning a 101 Mobility® franchise over that of the restaurant business. One of the most obvious and comforting differences is in that of your initial location. 101 Mobility® offers the flexibility of operating your business out of your home for the first 90 days! Picture trying to operate a restaurant out of your home! We provide you quality leads in your target market and assist you with all of your operations to help you get started. We provide comprehensive access to our proprietary workflow management and database system Mobilink™, and we provide custom marketing and sales support 24/7. What more could you ask for? Get started NOW. With a low investment, we’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to hit the ground running in the virtually untapped mobility products market. 101 Mobility® is the only company of its kind with such a comprehensive product and service line that operates nationally. Our competition is primarily mom and pop stores that do not enjoy the economies of scale, buying power, exclusive vendor relationships, name recognition, brand awareness, intellectual property, and trade secrets that have accounted for our incredible success.