Home Access 101

At 101 Mobility, home accessibility is our specialty. With over a decade of experience, we know that stairs can prove challenging to the young and old alike. Many people find they need a stair alternative, whether aging in place, managing a disability, or recovering from a medical procedure.

As Experts in Mobility and Accessibility Solutions, 101 Mobility recognizes that even small staircases, like in a garage, can create significant hazards.

We proudly offer many home accessibility solutions such as ramps, stair lifts, platform lifts, and home elevators. Regardless of your stairs' size, location, or design, allow us to help you rise above!

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Add a Ramp

For homes with just a few steps, modular ramping is a home accessibility product that can often be installed in a matter of hours. These ramps include non-skid surfaces, A.D.A. compliant handrails on both sides, and an 850-pound weight capacity. Threshold Ramps are often ideal for single steps of less than 6 inches and provide a smooth transition from inside to out. Finally, portable Ramps are designed to be lightweight and travel-friendly for those who love to be on the go. These are great temporary solutions that can quickly be set to provide access to heights of 1-3 steps.

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Add a Platform Lift

For individuals using mobility aids such as a walker or wheelchair, a platform lift can make your home accessible for you and your device! Many families are also incredibly excited to learn they can transport pets, laundry, or grocery items.

Platform lifts can be installed outdoors or indoors, such as in a garage or interior staircase.

Platform lifts are often called porch lifts because they are most used to provide access to an elevated porch or deck. These lifts travel vertically and are technically referred to as a Vertical Platform Lift. Vertical platform lifts can accommodate heights as high as 14 feet (U.S.) and 23 feet (C.A.). These lifts are an excellent space-saving solution for accessibility at your home or business.

Less common, Inclined Platform Lifts are installed on the steps and are attached to the wall. These lifts travel at the angle of the stairs and are most often used in commercial or public spaces.

The Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) and the Inclined Platform Lift (I.P.L.) are A.D.A. compliant, so that you can feel confident these lifts are designed for ease of operation!

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Add a Stairlift

A stair lift, or stair chair, is a motorized seat that transports a single user up or down a staircase. The lift rides along a track or rail system supported by and secured to the stair treads. Many stairlifts accommodate indoor, outdoor, residential, or public buildings. Additionally, there are lifts designed for straight staircases and stairs with turns or curves.

Stair lifts tend to be one of the most popular options for making homes and staircases more accessible, primarily due to their:

Small footprint & minimally intrusive design

Quick installation and removal

Multiple purchasing options are available: New, Refurbished, Rental, and Financing Options.

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Add a Home Elevator

A residential elevator could be the perfect solution to help you age in place! At 101 Mobility, we offer through-the-floor elevators and traditional elevators installed inside a shaft or hoist-way.

Through-the-floor elevators are a great solution when looking to add a home lift to an existing floorplan. These beautiful home elevators can be used as a focal point in your entryway or can be situated in a corner and hardly noticed.

Traditional elevators offer many more customization options but often require more involved construction work and site prep. Traditional elevators are your home access solution if you want high-weight capacity and large cab sizes.

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